Thursday, 28 March 2013

Inside My Handbag

'The Handbag Is A Rare Delight; It's Like Aladdin's Cave'
Bridgid Patrick

Ever since I was a child I have loved handbags. The first bag that I ever had was mock croc and it was probably some type of plastic but I loved it.  It was an exceptionally large bag but after I stopped using it and later rediscovered it I was surprised at how small it was. It was only years later that I realised that the bag had not shrunk, I had grown bigger. I still love exceptionally large bags and the one I use most of the time is my Cath Kidston red weekender bag with whitish, cream spots. All the bags that I now use areonly ever shoulder bags and totes I've always been a person who has way too much 'stuff' in her bag just in case. Sometimes the kitchen sink has nothing on my bag.

My Cath Kidston weekender

The good thing about nearly all Cath Kidston bags is the fact if you wanted to you could carry bricks inside them and the straps wouldn't break.  I have to admit I've never tested that theory.  Of all the Cath Kidston bags that I own no straps have ever broken and neither has the stitching come undone.

The bag that I'm using at the moment though is not a Cath Kidston but one from Marks and Spencer.  I bought it earlier this year and I think it was part of the Per Una range and is a lovely shade of blue.  You can buy black bags virtually anywhere but I love bags that come in other colours. Other than the colour I love the fact that it has two deep compartments plus a deep zipped pocket in the middle. 

So here it is my bag I'm using right now

And now the inside. It doesn't have a zip only a magnetic closure

Here's half of what I like to keep in whatever bag I'm using

Clockwise from top left: Filofax, sunglasses (even in winter), mobile, Paperchase travel card holder, keys, pen, nail file,  Cath Kidston purse and pencil case for Filofax use

And here's the other half

Again clockwise from top left red comb (which I' had free over 30 years ago), Charlie body spray, Kodak or Samsung digital camera, Amazon Kindle, earphones for music,  distance glasses,  Cath Kidston personal mirror and
Cath Kidston makeup bag with makeup, migraine meds and sweetners, 

Although I haven't shown them I always have tissues and a Cath Kidston cotton bag for shopping inside my bag. If I take my Dell netbook out with me I then use a second bag.

Until next time


  1. Now that blue bag is the one that I need. I have a smaller bag with a similar internal layout, but my problem? It's too small... I'm not really a bag kinda girl, but I really do need to be. I just can't be doing with using my work laptop rucksack all week any more :-)

  2. I have to admit I'm not really your average bag kinda girl. Yes I love my bags but they serve a purpose and I like to put as much as I can in them. A bag that can only hold your keys, phone and purse is not for me. My bag can definitely be a bit like 'Aladdin's Cave', you never know what treasures your going to find in it.