Monday, 25 March 2013

My Notebook Collection

"Our Aspirations, Are Wrapped Up In Books....."
 Belle and Sebastian

After taking a closer look at my notebook and diary collection I have to admit that I have greatly underestimated its size. Not counting my Filofax I currently have four diaries. The last diary that I was unable to resist was a small Jack Vittriano one on sale for £2 in Foyles. I have five small and five large notebooks. Also in the collection are two A5 organiser notebooks with pockets. There are two pocket organisers, one from Filofax and one from Paperchase. The biggest part of my collection is my A5 notebooks; I have twenty nine of these. I honestly don't know how I purchased so many!

For the moment the notebooks are stuffed into my bureau

A small selection of my notebooks and diaries

I think perhaps I need to consider an economy drive on any future notebook purchases. I love my notebooks but I don't use them all as much as I should.

Finally a huge thank you to Steve at Philofaxy for creating a link back code for this blog.

Until next time.

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