Monday, 29 April 2013

Filofax Numbers

April Review 

Here's my Filofax Numbers Review for April 2013.
4  = the number of Filofax organisers that I purchased this month.  My first purchase was my Classic Pink Filofax which I wrote a post about at the beginning of the month. The next purchase was a Brown Cuban Zip, not new but in fantastic condition. A Pink Personal Domino came next for my niece.  Finally I bought a Pink Personal Finsbury for £1 last week.

April Filofax purchases.  I never intended buying this many honestly.

3  = the purchases I made for my Filofax.  One small Paperchase haul which was mainly stickers. Secondly I bought a Decorated Sticky Notes Memo set from Amazon. Today I bought some Washi Tape in town..

Washi Tape

11 = the number of posts made in April to Roses I December including this one.

20 = the number of photos in my April posts that have Filofax organisers in them. Counting each photo separately in the collages brings the number up to 26 

I hope you found my numbers interesting.

Until next time

Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Filofax Week: 6

My Week

Week six and no great adventures occurred, if they did I failed to notice them. I did have lunch out on Monday so I shouldn't really complain. 

I went out to the pub on Friday night and met up with a few people which is always good. 

No weekly to do list week this week because most of what I'm doing is getting done on a regular basis or has been put on hold.

I hope your week and weekend were both good.

Until next time

Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Filofax For A £1

A Pink Finsbury In Need Of Some TLC

For Some time now I've been trying to find something to store the paper that I make for my Filofax in.  Then on Wednesday I went into one of the charity shops in town and discovered a Personal Pink Finsbury Filofax for £1 and I just couldn't resist it. 


The first thing I did when I got it home was give it a general clean as it was looking a little dirty.  Then I set about nourishing it with some neutral polish.  The polish was nothing special but did a good job of reviving the leather.  On Thursday I went to the shoe repairers and bought some pink renovating polish to revive the Finsbury even further.  The Filofax had been given a fair bit of use but as I'm only using it for storage that doesn't matter too much.


Hopefully now that I've given it some TLC my Finsbury will have a long life ahead of it.

Until next time

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Right Filofax

Weighing Up My Options

I have recently come to the conclusion that Filofaxes can be a little like handbags, you can never have too many good ones.  I could never understand why a person would ever want more than one Filofax but for me personally I now have my answer.  I have about five handbags that I use on a regular basis and what I need to put in them or where I’m going can often dictate which one I use.  I now have a similar approach to my Filofaxes.  I give consideration on which Filofax to use depending on where I'm going and what else I'm taking with me. For instance if my bag is very full or I’m travelling to London my Brown Personal Cuban is often too heavy to carry around for long periods so I use my Pink Classic instead.  

Brown Personal Filofax less stuffed but slightly heavier

I’m not using my Cuban at the moment because my Pink Classic fits my present needs so much better. My Personal Pink Classic is perfect at this moment in time because I've started taking my netbook out with me regularly and I'm therefore more conscious about how much weight I’m going to be carrying around.  For this reason when I’m also carrying a camera, Kindle, pencil case plus lots of other bits and pieces (I just might need) my Brown Zip Cuban would just add further to the weight inside my bag.

Pink Personal Classic slightly overstuffed but less weighty 

I presently own an old Black Personal Filofax, a Personal Brown Cuban Zip, a Personal Pink Classic, a Mini Pink Breast Cancer Filofax and a Paperchase Teal Pocket Organiser.  All of these organisers have their own uses when I need to decide which one goes in my bag. But that said I could probably do with another Filofax.  It's clear that the organisers I use most regularly are my Brown Cuban and my Pink Classic.  My Cuban is heavier; its wrap around zip probably adding to the weight but its larger ring size is perfect.  On the other hand my Pink Classic is often too small because its rings are not large enough and gets overstuffed quickly.  An obvious solution is to reduce what I put into my Filofax therefore making the overall weight of both Filofaxes lighter. Reducing down what I put inside my Filofax is easier said than done.  I constantly have to be ruthless and justify what’s inside my Filofax but I’m really not strict enough.

There are so many Filofaxes out there both current and older designs.  I know my perfect Filofax is out there, I've just got to make the effort to find it.  

Until next time

Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Filofax Week: 5

My Week

Week five in my Filofax diary and I'd like to think that my pages are continuing to look less cluttered and messy every week.  The lists that I continue to use are proving to be very helpful.  I constantly look for new sheets to put in my Filofax to keep my pages from being over cluttered.

I've reverted back to using my Pink Classic Filofax for now and as I'd over stuffed it no matter what I did it refused to lay flat. As a result I took this week's pages out so I could take this week's photos properly.

My weekly to do list

I hope your weekend was good.

Until next time

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Paperchase Purchases

My Small But Very Lovely Stationery Haul 

As you will see from previous post I went to Lewes today to make a few purchases in the new Paperchase store which has opened in Cliffe High Street.

I tried hard not to buy another notebook but I couldn't resist.  The new one is just the right size to fit in my bag when I don't want to carry a Filofax.


I also succumbed to some adhesive labels but nothing fancy, plain white and pink arrows.

The final item that I was unable to resist was four reels of paper tape with a dispenser

The total came to £8.50 which gave me £1.50 change from a tenner. With a little extra added I then had enough for a coffee at Bills

I can confidently say I had an enjoyable day out.

Until next time

Paperchase and Filofax

Something Was Missing

I went to Lewes today to have a look around the brand new Paperchase store.  I have to say that the shop is lovely and probably slightly larger than the one I normally go to in Tunbridge Wells plus there appeared to be much more choice.  

That said what did surprise me was to be told by a member of staff that they were not going to be selling any Filofaxes in their store.  Not only would they not be selling Filofaxes but they would also not be selling any accessories or inserts either.  The only organisers they are going to being selling are their own brand and also their own accessories and inserts.  The Paperchase accessories and inserts can be used with Filofax organisers but if you don't like the design then you'll need to look for an alternative stockist. Unfortunately when having our conversation I didn't think to ask if this was a policy that was to be rolled out in other stores so we will just have to wait and see.

Until next time

Monday, 15 April 2013

Handmade Filofax Notepaper

My Personal Filofax Stationery Refills

Ever since I restarted using my Filofax I've made my own personal notepaper.  I found the paper inserts that came with my Filofax a little to flimsy for the wear and tear I give them on a daily basis. Also I wanted some stationery that bring more colour into my everyday life.  The majority of the paper that I use has come as free gits in craft magazines and is perfect for filling up my Filofax with colourful stationary. 

When I make up the stationery I use a Fiskars paper cutter which gives the sheets of paper a clean finished edge.  As a template I use one of my old dividers minus the index tab.  I attach the paper and divider together with mini bulldog clips and cut the pages to size.  I don't have a six hole punch only a single one.  It takes slightly longer to make the holes but does the job just as well.

Even though the pages are more durable they sometimes need reinforcing around the punched holes and for this I add paper tape and then re-punch the holes.  Most of the tapes that I use are either Washi or Trendy.  I buy my tape from The Glitter Pot because they tend to be inexpensive, the postage and packing is only £1 if my order is under a tenner and delivery is really quick.

I hope you found my post interesting and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Until next time

Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Filofax Week: 4

My Week

Another week has flown by, it's scary to think that we're halfway through April already.  A lovely warm and sunny day that makes me think of summer and ice cream, well almost.  Here are my diary pages for this week. They're pages are continuing to show signs of improvement and are not quite bursting at the seams with information.  This is mainly due to my extra to do lists of various descriptions which I haven't shown this week.

My general to do list

Still the odd few stickers needed to cover up recent water damage.

You may have noticed that my lovely new pink classic Filofax has been replaced for the time being by yet another new organiser.  This one is a brown Cuban zip Filofax, a post coming on that shortly.

Here's hoping you had a good day today.

Until next time

Sunday, 7 April 2013

My Filofax Week: 3

Another Crazy Week

Well here we are again with a slightly less chaotic week that has come and gone.  This is the first look at my week in my new Classic Filofax, yes I know it looks almost the same as last week.  I also put together a 'to do list' which helped to reduce the amount of clutter on my pages but not enough. That said the diary pages do now match my Filofax as they are both pink.

A few more stickers this week but that's mainly to disguise watermarks where the glass of water fell into my bag at bedtime and smudged some of the ink.  

I hope that your week was slightly more exciting than mine and less chaotic. I hope you had a good week.

Until next time

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Classic Filofax In Pink

Some Filofaxes Never Go Out Of Fashion

I haven't been tempted to buy a new Filofax for a couple of years but yesterday I saw an offer I just couldn't resist.  W H Smith has a number of Filofaxes on offer at half price. I had been looking for a new Filofax for some time and today I saw this Pink Filofax Personal Classic on sale at £36.99.  What clinched the deal was the fact that I had a 20% off everything voucher which gave me a further discount of £7.40 bringing the price down to £29.59.

A Classic in pink

This Classic Filofax is so pleasing to look at and lovely to touch.  I'm not normally a pink person but the Italian leather is so beautiful in this colour. Inside the Filofax has six cut edge pockets to place all my photos, vouchers, cards ect into. 

It has a full length pocket behind the cut edge pockets for my larger items such as envelopes and letters.  The opposite side of the Filofax has a large zip pocket for all the things I need to hide away or make more secure.  To be honest though it's virtually the same as my old one except it's pink and more elegant. 

My black Filofax unfortunately met with an accident last night, nothing it won't recover from though as it's made of sturdy stuff.  I keep my bag open beside my bed at night but I think I need to reconsider where exactly I place it.  Last night I accidentally knocked three quarters of a glass of water inside it.  Most of the Filofax was undamaged with ink only running on a few pages.  In future I will be using waterproof ink just in case my new Filofax meets with a similar fate.

I'm sure I'm going to be very happy with my new Classic. As I said earlier some Filofaxes never go out of fashion and bearing that in mind this is a perfect example.

Until next time