Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Classic Filofax In Pink

Some Filofaxes Never Go Out Of Fashion

I haven't been tempted to buy a new Filofax for a couple of years but yesterday I saw an offer I just couldn't resist.  W H Smith has a number of Filofaxes on offer at half price. I had been looking for a new Filofax for some time and today I saw this Pink Filofax Personal Classic on sale at £36.99.  What clinched the deal was the fact that I had a 20% off everything voucher which gave me a further discount of £7.40 bringing the price down to £29.59.

A Classic in pink

This Classic Filofax is so pleasing to look at and lovely to touch.  I'm not normally a pink person but the Italian leather is so beautiful in this colour. Inside the Filofax has six cut edge pockets to place all my photos, vouchers, cards ect into. 

It has a full length pocket behind the cut edge pockets for my larger items such as envelopes and letters.  The opposite side of the Filofax has a large zip pocket for all the things I need to hide away or make more secure.  To be honest though it's virtually the same as my old one except it's pink and more elegant. 

My black Filofax unfortunately met with an accident last night, nothing it won't recover from though as it's made of sturdy stuff.  I keep my bag open beside my bed at night but I think I need to reconsider where exactly I place it.  Last night I accidentally knocked three quarters of a glass of water inside it.  Most of the Filofax was undamaged with ink only running on a few pages.  In future I will be using waterproof ink just in case my new Filofax meets with a similar fate.

I'm sure I'm going to be very happy with my new Classic. As I said earlier some Filofaxes never go out of fashion and bearing that in mind this is a perfect example.

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  1. Wh Smith often do 20% off deals in store as long as you have one of their free discount cards. I have another discount card which I can use from Monday so who knows what I might buy, I shall keep you posted.