Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Filofax Week: 4

My Week

Another week has flown by, it's scary to think that we're halfway through April already.  A lovely warm and sunny day that makes me think of summer and ice cream, well almost.  Here are my diary pages for this week. They're pages are continuing to show signs of improvement and are not quite bursting at the seams with information.  This is mainly due to my extra to do lists of various descriptions which I haven't shown this week.

My general to do list

Still the odd few stickers needed to cover up recent water damage.

You may have noticed that my lovely new pink classic Filofax has been replaced for the time being by yet another new organiser.  This one is a brown Cuban zip Filofax, a post coming on that shortly.

Here's hoping you had a good day today.

Until next time

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