Thursday, 18 April 2013

Paperchase Purchases

My Small But Very Lovely Stationery Haul 

As you will see from previous post I went to Lewes today to make a few purchases in the new Paperchase store which has opened in Cliffe High Street.

I tried hard not to buy another notebook but I couldn't resist.  The new one is just the right size to fit in my bag when I don't want to carry a Filofax.


I also succumbed to some adhesive labels but nothing fancy, plain white and pink arrows.

The final item that I was unable to resist was four reels of paper tape with a dispenser

The total came to £8.50 which gave me £1.50 change from a tenner. With a little extra added I then had enough for a coffee at Bills

I can confidently say I had an enjoyable day out.

Until next time


  1. Lovely!!! Sounds like aperfect day :o)

  2. Thanks LJ, it was a great day. The sun coming out really improved things. When I bought the white labels I didn't really look at them that much but it turns out they're exactly what I was looking for. What I wanted was tabs to put on my dividers. These that I bought allow you to write on them and then cover the writing with clear film. The backs are adhesive so you can stick them on the edge of the divides. Not bad for £1

  3. Ooh - that's fantastic :-)

  4. Hello ! I'd love to follow your blog by e-mail.. could you install a newsletter please ? Thank you ! Enjoy your Saturday !

    1. Hi Sabine many thanks for your comment. I'm still quite new at blogging but I spoke with a friend who suggested I add the FOLLOW BY EMAIL gadget. As I'm sure you may know this will allow you to be updated daily when posts are made. I hope this is helpful. Again many thanks.

  5. Thank you !!! I've just susbscribed to your blog !!
    Hugs from France,