Monday, 22 April 2013

The Right Filofax

Weighing Up My Options

I have recently come to the conclusion that Filofaxes can be a little like handbags, you can never have too many good ones.  I could never understand why a person would ever want more than one Filofax but for me personally I now have my answer.  I have about five handbags that I use on a regular basis and what I need to put in them or where I’m going can often dictate which one I use.  I now have a similar approach to my Filofaxes.  I give consideration on which Filofax to use depending on where I'm going and what else I'm taking with me. For instance if my bag is very full or I’m travelling to London my Brown Personal Cuban is often too heavy to carry around for long periods so I use my Pink Classic instead.  

Brown Personal Filofax less stuffed but slightly heavier

I’m not using my Cuban at the moment because my Pink Classic fits my present needs so much better. My Personal Pink Classic is perfect at this moment in time because I've started taking my netbook out with me regularly and I'm therefore more conscious about how much weight I’m going to be carrying around.  For this reason when I’m also carrying a camera, Kindle, pencil case plus lots of other bits and pieces (I just might need) my Brown Zip Cuban would just add further to the weight inside my bag.

Pink Personal Classic slightly overstuffed but less weighty 

I presently own an old Black Personal Filofax, a Personal Brown Cuban Zip, a Personal Pink Classic, a Mini Pink Breast Cancer Filofax and a Paperchase Teal Pocket Organiser.  All of these organisers have their own uses when I need to decide which one goes in my bag. But that said I could probably do with another Filofax.  It's clear that the organisers I use most regularly are my Brown Cuban and my Pink Classic.  My Cuban is heavier; its wrap around zip probably adding to the weight but its larger ring size is perfect.  On the other hand my Pink Classic is often too small because its rings are not large enough and gets overstuffed quickly.  An obvious solution is to reduce what I put into my Filofax therefore making the overall weight of both Filofaxes lighter. Reducing down what I put inside my Filofax is easier said than done.  I constantly have to be ruthless and justify what’s inside my Filofax but I’m really not strict enough.

There are so many Filofaxes out there both current and older designs.  I know my perfect Filofax is out there, I've just got to make the effort to find it.  

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