Friday, 10 May 2013

How I (Try) Use My Filofax

The Current Set Up

Will I ever be finished setting up my Filofax, probably not.  Like so many aspects of life it's a work in progress.  Below as anyone who reads my blog regularly will know is a picture of the Filofax I'm using at the moment, my Pink Personal Classic and this is its current set up.

Side view of my Pink Personal

Inside cover with some paper clips

At the front of my Filofax I have some lilac Pukka A4 paper which I've cut to size.  These let me quickly make a note of things that come to mind when I'm out and I want to remember for later.   

Pukka paper

The part of my Filofax I use the most is my diary.  When I first had my Filofax I left the diary at the front but when it started getting a little too stuffed I placed it in the middle. This means I don't have to keep reinserting pages that fall out when I open the rings.

The divider for my diary with a photo of row boats on Windermere

Last week's diary posts

My to do list is behind the diary with other lists of things I do such as my cleaning list and blank shopping lists.  I got the shopping lists inside a binder that I bought from a charity shop.  They're made by a company called Organised Mum.

To do list

Shopping list

I've started to try and budget and keep track of my finances but even with a calculator I don't always get it right.  I should stick to working it out in my head which I am better at but sometimes I'm just too tired to do it.

My finances and my Alex Goot bookmark

My envelope for till receipts and mini statements

I have a few bookmarks inside my diary that I've adapted for this purpose. One bookmark is an old playing cards and the other is an Alex Goot VIP pass which you can see above.

My playing card bookmark 

I also like to keep some cards for my blog and Philofaxy in my Filofax.

Cards for my blog and for Philofaxy

Some of my other stationery is a Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pen for writing with and you can see that in the photo above.  I also like to have a few paperclips on the inside cover. I've adapted an envelope to place my stickers inside and I keep that towards the back of my Filofax.

I'd like to say that my Filofax will continue to look like this for sometime but unfortunately it won't.  I ordered some Filofax blank index cards recently which allow me to personalise the tabs as well as my divider pages. So that will be next project and I shall keep you posted on what they turn out like.

Until next time


  1. Thanks for sharing. Looks great.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated.

  2. Love organised mum stuff and thye hav started doing inserts just not sure on whether they fit filofaxes which would be a shame if they didn't

  3. I adore your set up - it is so pretty as well as functional!

    1. Sorry for not getting back to you, i missed your comment. Thanks.

  4. The pink papers look great with the pink binder!

    1. Thanks Zoe. Sorry for not getting back to your comment sooner.