Friday, 24 May 2013

Purchases For My Filofax

Ten Things I've Bought 

I seem to have bought a number of items recently to use with my Filofax and I thought I'd let you see what they are.

1.   1 packet of plain stickers with coloured edging from Artbox bought last Saturday when I went to London.

2.  Plastic clips from WH Smith. I use them mainly for holding Filofax pages together, most of the time they don't get used for the purpose that's written on them.  I have also purchased some baby bulldog clips.

3.  Paper tape for covering up small errors on my diary pages. The tape looks much nicer when I've had to scribble something out.

4.  5 rolls of post its.  These are mostly for putting in the front of my Filofax; I use them to write down quick notes when I'm out.

5.  A 6 hole Rapesco punch. This allows me make holes faster in the pages that I make for my Filofax

6.  2 Sharpie pens, sadly these purchases turned out to be a disaster because they bleed through the pages of my diary

7.  Date stamper for when I need to add the date to pages.

8.  2 packets of plain dividers which I can personalise with my own images.  The tabs also allow you to write your own headings.

9.  A white plain paper notebook for making into my own Filofax notepaper.

10. 2 replacement Fiskars blades for my paper trimmer.  I use the paper trimmer to cut my paper to size for my Filofax.

Hopefully after all these purchases I won't need to buy anymore items for my Filofax for some time but knowing me I probably will.

Until next time

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