Monday, 13 May 2013

Swapping My Organisers Around

Two Pocket Organisers

When I'm only going into town for a quick trip I've decided I don't always need to take my regular Pink Classic Filofax with me because I'm rarely going to use it for the short time period that I'm there.  Instead I now take either my Pink Breast Cancer Pocket Filofax or my Teal Pocket Organiser from Paperchase .  I have to admit that my Pink Breast Cancer Filofax is my favourite of the two.  The quality of the Filofax organiser is so much better even though it isn't made of leather.  The Filofax organiser overall is much more sturdy than the Paperchase Teal Organiser.  I also like the mesh pocket on the inside back cover which is great for slipping items inside.

Pink Breast Cancer Pocket Filofax

The only reason I use two pocket organisers is so that I can have a choice of colours, I just like the variety.  I use these organisers more like notebooks for jotting things down so that hopefully I won't forget them.  I don't bother putting the diary pages in even though I have them.  I place the year calendar inside with some notepaper behind it for writing down any events that need to be transferred when I get home.  The notepaper I use is sheets of my own paper that I've cut to size.  Even though they're little more than notebooks I still can't resist the urge to personalise them. The dividers will need to be sorted out as white and cream can be so boring.  A little Washi Tape is sometimes all a divider needs to liven it up.

Teal Paperchase Pocket Organiser

So far my pocket organisers are working well for occasional use.  Because of their size however they will never replace my Pink Classic Personal Filofax on a regular basis.

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  2. Thank you so much Laura Jane for the nomination. Hopefully I will be able to post my response shortly. Best wishes Hetty