Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Filofax Week 15

My Week

Sunday's come around once again and here is my Filofax Week.  I'm sleeping a little better but not much. The insomnia is still hanging around.

I promised to keep you updated on my desire for a Back to School Filofax so here's the update, my wish to have one of these lovely organisers is about to be granted.  I recently did some unpaid work for someone and in return I will be receiving a Back to School Filofax. I shall let you see it just after it arrives and I've filled it with my personalised pages.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Until next time

Friday, 28 June 2013

Filofax Pockets

 So Many Pockets

A  Filofax can have numerous pages and dividers but any Filofax organiser is so much more than that. Some Filofax organisers have so many pockets inside they’re almost pleading for their owners to hide things away inside them. I have six Filofax organisers but here are my top three for pockets.

My Brown Zip Cuban organiser which I told you about in a previous blog post comes out top for the number of pockets that it has.  It has no less than twelve pockets. One concealed on the front cover behind the Filofax magnetic closure. The inner pockets are one vertical zipped pocket, one pocket/compartment behind the business card/credit card holders, eight credit card or business card holders and one vertical pocket on the inside back cover.

Brown Zip Cuban concealed front pocket

Brown Zip Cuban  inside Pockets

In second place is my Pink Personal Classic that has nine pockets.  Inside the front cover are six business card/credit card holder pockets and one vertical pocket.  On the inside back cover there is another vertical pocket plus a vertical zipped pocket.

Pink Personal Classic inside front cover

Finally in third place is my original Personal Black Filofax.  This organiser has eight pockets, six business card/credit card holder pockets, one vertical pocket behind the card pockets and one zipped pocket on the inside back cover.

Black Personal Filofax inside front cover

Lastly here's a glimpse of some of the things that I place in the pockets. Some customs forms for Facebook FiloRAKs, a Boots gift voucher I received for doing a survey (the longest 15 minutes of my life), a photo of my sons when they younger at Corfe Castle, a business card for Bill's Cafe, a photo of Windermere, stamps, a photo of myself and my father when I was 12 and finally a Roses in December card.  

Inside the pockets there are even more items that I haven't shown you here.  Sometimes I think the pockets inside my organisers are like the Tardis because I always amazed at how much you can fit into them.

Until next time 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Following This Blog

All Change

As most of you already know from July 1st Google Reader will no longer be operating! To continue subscribing to my blog you can either click on the follow by email button at the bottom of the sidebar or the Bloglovin button which is at the top of the sidebar.

If you’re like me and follow a number of blogs you might like to import all your blogs across to Bloglovin. You can also click this link to bloglovin' which will take you straight there.  It's very simple to do.

I hope you find this helpful.

Until next time 


What I Use The Most In My Filofax

My Number One

I've had a bad night with insomnia so I thought I'd do a quick post about my number one item in my Filofax. Like so many Filofax users the thing I use the most is my diary.  As I wrote in my recent blog post My Filofax - Making it work the first point that I make is the fact that I need to look at it every single day.  I look at my diary frequently throughout the day either to check something or to add something to it. I've found as I've got older and my life has got busier I really need my diary and my Filofax to keep track of things.  I have far less things than most people to keep track of but some days the information I personally need to remember appears to be bursting at the seams. 

My diary pages

Numerous people have commented about how nice the pink pages look but actually using them came about by chance. I've only recently come back to Filofax and managed without a diary until March.  The selection of diary inserts was slightly limited by then and also I didn't want too pay to much.  I got my inserts online at Amazon and the pink diary pages were about the cheapest available.  

When it comes to buying my diary inserts for next year I will probably stay with pink, if only for the reason it's nice to be a little different when you've always stuck with white.  When I purchased my Pink Personal Classic Filofax it came with white pages diary and I considered changing over but it was too, late I realised how much I liked my pink pages. 

When using your Filofax what do you use the most?

Until next time

Monday, 24 June 2013

Five Filofaxes

Almost All My Collection

I was practicing adding photos to Word in Office 2010 today and this is one of my creations. I thought I would share what I've made with you. The only one missing from this line-up is my original black personal Filofax.  Working with Word is a work in progress so please bear with me.

Until next time

Sunday, 23 June 2013

My Filofax Week 14

My Week

Lots of things as usual on my diary pages but luckily it's not as busy as it appears. I haven't been too well with a sinus infection this week but I went to the doctors and go some antibiotics, sadly they're only thing that clears it up.  

I'm still on an economy drive so still no more Filofax purchases.  I did purchase a Hello kitty pen and some book markers for Facebook's FiloRAKs and am just waiting for the right person to send them to.

As always I hope you had a good Sunday.

Until next time

Monday, 17 June 2013

My Filofax - Making It Work

Ten Things I Need To Do To Make My Filofax Work For Me

The things I need to do to make my Filofax work may seem obvious but so often my failure to overlook the obvious or simply neglect it can be my biggest failing.

    1. I need to keep my diary up to date and remember to look at it every single day.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night are the minimum amount of times I should be looking at it.
    2. The same goes for my to do list, if I fail to look at it daily things slide and don't get done. 
    3. If I need any extra lists to help me I can go to Philofaxy and see if they have any specific ones that might help me.
    4. Check through any notes that I've made and place them in their appropriate sections.
    5. I try to make sure I always have plenty of paper inside my Filofax for note taking
    6. I aim to NEVER go out without a pen because it's impossible to make any notes without one.  Borrowing one can be very difficult because many people don't take a pen or pencil out with them.  Recently I forgot to take a pen out with me and everyone I asked didn't have one.          
    7. Declutter my Filofax once a week, if I don't I find it difficult to find virtually anything some days.      
    8. If a section of my Filofax isn't working I either change it or get rid of it.
    9. I always keep my Filofax in one place, even when I'm at home unless I'm using it. When not in use I keep it in my bag.
    10. The more boring something is the more likely I am to forget it so I need to write it down in my Filofax often on a coloured post its.

My pens and pencils.

 A fineliner, a Pentel cartridge pen, a Faber - Castell pencil, a Castelli pencil, a Bic biro and a Pilot gold pen. Most of them live inside my pencil case but not all of them.         

The next thing that I aim to do is to organise some colour coding and see if it improves how I'm using my Filofax.

Until next time

Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Filofax Week 13

My Week

Sunday has rolled around yet again and here is My Filofax Week.  I've slept a lot better his week, far less insomnia.

As Costa and Tassimo made me an offer I couldn't refuse, a coffee machine for £30 instead of £120 any possible thoughts of a Back to School Filofax are on hold for now.

I hope you've all had a good Sunday and also a great Father's Day.

Until next time

Friday, 14 June 2013

Bagging A Filofax

Organised Protection

I often worry about damaging my Filofaxes so to protect them when they're being knocked around inside my handbag I use a bag that I made from an old piece of fabric. 

This is the bag I made not so long ago to protect my Filofaxes

I could have used my sewing machine to make it up but instead I just used some wonderweb and hand stitched it for extra durability.

Since making this bag I have recently purchased this fantastic Hello World Beauty Bag for £8.00 at Boots. The bag is perfect for holding a Filofax and other associated bits.  This bag will come in very handy if I'm travelling.

Boots Hello World Beauty Bag

Inside The Bag

The pink lining is slightly padded so it has enough protection to to prevent damage.

There's enough space inside to add my pencil case and a few extra bits as well.

I now have two bags that will allow me to keep my Filofaxes safe.  One of which cost virtually nothing. 

Until next time

Monday, 10 June 2013

No I Don't Need Another Filofax But Then Again!

Back To School

Ever since Steve did a post 'School is Cool' on Philofaxy when Filofax launched its new range I have been tempted to buy one of the Back to School organisers. I personally think that this particular Filofax organiser looks amazing.  Despite the Filofax being quite contemporary the cover design has definitely achieved its goal of giving the organiser a retro image.

Do I really need another Filofax though?  If I'm honest the answer is no and even though I think they're inexpensive at £20 I can't afford it right now.  It has all the quality and features I've come to expect from a Filofax and I'd imagine it pretty lightweight as well, always a bonus when you stuff an organiser the way I do.  That said I think it would be perfect and more fun to use this particular organiser as a notebook.  I'm not sure I should have had that last thought because now I feel even more convinced I need a Back to School organiser. 

I shall keep you updated on whether or not I succumb to my Back to School desire.

Until next time

Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Filofax Week 12

My Week

It’s Sunday afternoon yet again and time for My Filofax Week.  The toughest part of my week has been the insomnia; last night was exceptionally bad with only one hours sleep before I had to get up. 

Typical of most Sundays today is a nice quite end to the week.

Until next time

Friday, 7 June 2013

Personalised Dividers Continued


When I did my original post at the beginning of the week about my dividers I only anticipated making the tabs to slot into the dividers for them to be complete.  When I thought about it a little bit more I realised I could put some quotes on the other side of the dividers and book marks, something I've been considering for some time.

The quotes come from various films, books, TV Shows, and songs.

Some sources of the quotes are unknown but I'm more than happy to correct that if I find out where they come from at a later date.

This time I really believe I only need to do the tabs to complete the dividers.

Until next time

A Little Washi Tape And A Pencil

 Pencils For My Filofax

For some time I've wanted to personalise some pencils for my Filofax and this morning I got around to doing something about it.  I used a few pencils that came from Ikea or Argos and just wrapped some Washi tape around them. 

With a few tweaks they'll be exactly what I want at virtually no cost.

Pencils with my Pink Pocket Breast Cancer Filofax

I don't know how often I'll need a pencil to use with my Filofax but I think these will be perfect whenever I do.

Until next time

Monday, 3 June 2013

Personalised Dividers

Time For A Change

I have to admit that after a while I start to get bored with my Filofax dividers.  I find regular Filofax dividers exceptionally dull but even the ones I personalise can sometimes appear that way after a while.  I haven't personalised any dividers for my Personal Classic for some time and so I decided today was the day to do something about it. The inserts I've used for the personalising are the plain Filofax inserts with tabs. The dividers still need a few things doing to them but they are now virtually complete.

From left to right the images are as follows: the leaves are from a Homemaker Print & Pattern free magazine, the Amalfi coast came from a Globetrotter Travel Guide (£1 in the charity shop) and the Blue Birds came from The Paper Stack paper magazine.

Left to right again the cats came from Homemaker Print & Pattern free magazine and the glasses, bottle and bird was an advertisement in the John Lewis free summer issue edition magazine.

Finally I made some page markers for my Filofax with left over scraps and some tags from The Works. 

I enjoy personalising my dividers but I also like the fact that sometimes I can recycle a magazine page such as the one from John Lewis.

Until next time

Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Filofax Week 11

My Week

Before I got ready to post my Filofax week I decided to get myself out and have a coffee. While I was having my coffee I went through my Filofax and decluttered it.  Keeping so much information in one place does require I keep on top of the decluttering.  

Here's Week eleven inside my Filofax.

I hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Until next time