Friday, 14 June 2013

Bagging A Filofax

Organised Protection

I often worry about damaging my Filofaxes so to protect them when they're being knocked around inside my handbag I use a bag that I made from an old piece of fabric. 

This is the bag I made not so long ago to protect my Filofaxes

I could have used my sewing machine to make it up but instead I just used some wonderweb and hand stitched it for extra durability.

Since making this bag I have recently purchased this fantastic Hello World Beauty Bag for £8.00 at Boots. The bag is perfect for holding a Filofax and other associated bits.  This bag will come in very handy if I'm travelling.

Boots Hello World Beauty Bag

Inside The Bag

The pink lining is slightly padded so it has enough protection to to prevent damage.

There's enough space inside to add my pencil case and a few extra bits as well.

I now have two bags that will allow me to keep my Filofaxes safe.  One of which cost virtually nothing. 

Until next time


  1. every time i see things of this sort i remember how pitiful it is that i still don't sew. this is such a cute bag!

  2. This is a fantastic idea! I've just had a look on their website and seen a lovely metallic one with a front zip pocket that looks perfect - will be paying a visit to Boots tomorrow! Thanks!