Friday, 28 June 2013

Filofax Pockets

 So Many Pockets

A  Filofax can have numerous pages and dividers but any Filofax organiser is so much more than that. Some Filofax organisers have so many pockets inside they’re almost pleading for their owners to hide things away inside them. I have six Filofax organisers but here are my top three for pockets.

My Brown Zip Cuban organiser which I told you about in a previous blog post comes out top for the number of pockets that it has.  It has no less than twelve pockets. One concealed on the front cover behind the Filofax magnetic closure. The inner pockets are one vertical zipped pocket, one pocket/compartment behind the business card/credit card holders, eight credit card or business card holders and one vertical pocket on the inside back cover.

Brown Zip Cuban concealed front pocket

Brown Zip Cuban  inside Pockets

In second place is my Pink Personal Classic that has nine pockets.  Inside the front cover are six business card/credit card holder pockets and one vertical pocket.  On the inside back cover there is another vertical pocket plus a vertical zipped pocket.

Pink Personal Classic inside front cover

Finally in third place is my original Personal Black Filofax.  This organiser has eight pockets, six business card/credit card holder pockets, one vertical pocket behind the card pockets and one zipped pocket on the inside back cover.

Black Personal Filofax inside front cover

Lastly here's a glimpse of some of the things that I place in the pockets. Some customs forms for Facebook FiloRAKs, a Boots gift voucher I received for doing a survey (the longest 15 minutes of my life), a photo of my sons when they younger at Corfe Castle, a business card for Bill's Cafe, a photo of Windermere, stamps, a photo of myself and my father when I was 12 and finally a Roses in December card.  

Inside the pockets there are even more items that I haven't shown you here.  Sometimes I think the pockets inside my organisers are like the Tardis because I always amazed at how much you can fit into them.

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