Monday, 17 June 2013

My Filofax - Making It Work

Ten Things I Need To Do To Make My Filofax Work For Me

The things I need to do to make my Filofax work may seem obvious but so often my failure to overlook the obvious or simply neglect it can be my biggest failing.

    1. I need to keep my diary up to date and remember to look at it every single day.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night are the minimum amount of times I should be looking at it.
    2. The same goes for my to do list, if I fail to look at it daily things slide and don't get done. 
    3. If I need any extra lists to help me I can go to Philofaxy and see if they have any specific ones that might help me.
    4. Check through any notes that I've made and place them in their appropriate sections.
    5. I try to make sure I always have plenty of paper inside my Filofax for note taking
    6. I aim to NEVER go out without a pen because it's impossible to make any notes without one.  Borrowing one can be very difficult because many people don't take a pen or pencil out with them.  Recently I forgot to take a pen out with me and everyone I asked didn't have one.          
    7. Declutter my Filofax once a week, if I don't I find it difficult to find virtually anything some days.      
    8. If a section of my Filofax isn't working I either change it or get rid of it.
    9. I always keep my Filofax in one place, even when I'm at home unless I'm using it. When not in use I keep it in my bag.
    10. The more boring something is the more likely I am to forget it so I need to write it down in my Filofax often on a coloured post its.

My pens and pencils.

 A fineliner, a Pentel cartridge pen, a Faber - Castell pencil, a Castelli pencil, a Bic biro and a Pilot gold pen. Most of them live inside my pencil case but not all of them.         

The next thing that I aim to do is to organise some colour coding and see if it improves how I'm using my Filofax.

Until next time


  1. I keep my planner in one of two places when I'm home. It's either on the counter in the kitchen or on my desk - depending on where I'm working. But it's always close by and open. Otherwise I don't follow my plan.

  2. Sounds so simple, but this stuff is so hard to really do! :) Great list of what we all should do, though.