Sunday, 23 June 2013

My Filofax Week 14

My Week

Lots of things as usual on my diary pages but luckily it's not as busy as it appears. I haven't been too well with a sinus infection this week but I went to the doctors and go some antibiotics, sadly they're only thing that clears it up.  

I'm still on an economy drive so still no more Filofax purchases.  I did purchase a Hello kitty pen and some book markers for Facebook's FiloRAKs and am just waiting for the right person to send them to.

As always I hope you had a good Sunday.

Until next time


  1. So sorry you've been sick, that's no fun. :(

    I love your Filo though - where did you get the pink diary pages? And what kind of binder is it? Looks like a pink Classic?

  2. Thanks for your good wishes. I didn't start using a diary properly until March by which time inserts were limited. I bough the pink ones on Amazon because they were the cheapest. Yes the Filofax is a pink Classic.