Monday, 10 June 2013

No I Don't Need Another Filofax But Then Again!

Back To School

Ever since Steve did a post 'School is Cool' on Philofaxy when Filofax launched its new range I have been tempted to buy one of the Back to School organisers. I personally think that this particular Filofax organiser looks amazing.  Despite the Filofax being quite contemporary the cover design has definitely achieved its goal of giving the organiser a retro image.

Do I really need another Filofax though?  If I'm honest the answer is no and even though I think they're inexpensive at £20 I can't afford it right now.  It has all the quality and features I've come to expect from a Filofax and I'd imagine it pretty lightweight as well, always a bonus when you stuff an organiser the way I do.  That said I think it would be perfect and more fun to use this particular organiser as a notebook.  I'm not sure I should have had that last thought because now I feel even more convinced I need a Back to School organiser. 

I shall keep you updated on whether or not I succumb to my Back to School desire.

Until next time


  1. :D I bought one (same color as the photo) and I seriously love it! Only downside is no pockets ^_^ but I fixed that

    1. I'ms till tempted but have to resist because of my coffee machine, see below. Glad you like yours.

  2. Let's start a poll! Will Hetty succumb??? My vote is yes! And I'm looking forward to reading a review!

    1. I will probably have to resist the temptation for a while as Costa Coffee and Tassimo made me an offer I couldn't refuse on a coffee machine. A £120 coffee machine for £30.