Monday, 3 June 2013

Personalised Dividers

Time For A Change

I have to admit that after a while I start to get bored with my Filofax dividers.  I find regular Filofax dividers exceptionally dull but even the ones I personalise can sometimes appear that way after a while.  I haven't personalised any dividers for my Personal Classic for some time and so I decided today was the day to do something about it. The inserts I've used for the personalising are the plain Filofax inserts with tabs. The dividers still need a few things doing to them but they are now virtually complete.

From left to right the images are as follows: the leaves are from a Homemaker Print & Pattern free magazine, the Amalfi coast came from a Globetrotter Travel Guide (£1 in the charity shop) and the Blue Birds came from The Paper Stack paper magazine.

Left to right again the cats came from Homemaker Print & Pattern free magazine and the glasses, bottle and bird was an advertisement in the John Lewis free summer issue edition magazine.

Finally I made some page markers for my Filofax with left over scraps and some tags from The Works. 

I enjoy personalising my dividers but I also like the fact that sometimes I can recycle a magazine page such as the one from John Lewis.

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