Monday, 29 July 2013

My Filofax - July. Update

Inserts Completed

It took a couple of weeks but I've finally got there.  My inserts have been tweaked and printed up. I'm still not 100% happy with how they've turned out but they'll do for now.

Book Summary

TV Summary

Lastly my Shopping List.  The printing isn't really crooked it's just the way the book holder is pressed against the page.

The paper that I've used for printing on was from one of my A5 notebooks that I got in Asda. This paper is reasonably thick so it's excellent for printing on.

Until next time 

My Filofax Week 19

My Week

I realise it's not Sunday but as you can see I've finally gotten around to posting My Week.  I haven't been feeling too good hence the delay with my post.

Nothing really significant this week and I must admit the pages are a little bare.  I hope you have a great week and expect another post shortly.

Until next time

Friday, 26 July 2013

Tidy Friday

A Little Bit Of Order Amongst The Chaos

I've started to sort through the boxes, baskets and tins that I use to store my bits and pieces in that I use for decorating my Filofax and journaling.  I haven't sorted in a while so it seemed to take forever. However now it's done it does look good 

Basket for mainly note paper, and stickers

A "Keep Out" lunch box that once belonged to my son.  I keep my dividers, personalised pages and journaling cards ect in here

In this seagrass basket I keep magazines and sheets of paper for personalising my Filofax pages.

A Paperchase box bought on sale. Great for ribbon, pens, stamps ect.

My Washi tape tin. An old biscuit tin from the charity shop.

My basket of pens, pencils ect.

My next area to sort out will be my desk and my spare Filofaxes but I wouldn't like to commit myself to when this will happen.

Until next time

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Filofax Architect Courier Bag

Falling In Love

I'm sure I came across this lovely bag when I was in the Filofax Store in Conduit Street on Saturday but I refused to be tempted. I love messenger bags and this one looks amazing quality with its grained leather

With this bag I would be in pocket heaven, the bag is absolutely full of them.  I could easily fill the pockets with my Filofax and other bits and pieces.  Filofax UK are currently selling this bag on special offer at £139.30 but it's only available in brown.  The messenger bag above is black but as I've said it is only available in brown, which is fortunately a colour that I really  love 

I maybe be in love but sadly I still refuse to be tempted, I am unable to afford this gorgeous bag at the moment even on sale.  I don't however want to give up hope on owning this lovely bag or perhaps something similar. Maybe if I'm lucky I might get one for my birthday but I doubt it.  I must stop looking at it even if it is amazing.

Until next time

Monday, 22 July 2013

Mini Meet Up


Last Saturday was the day of the mini meet up at Vapiano in London.  In the end only three of us could make it, myself, Christa from Organized Heaven and Janet from This Bug's Life who was over here on business. The weather was cooler than it had been all week but it was still a nice day weather wise.

I arrived at Vapiano just before noon and Janet and Christa arrived soon after.  We chatted for ages, mainly about Filofaxes before we finally had something to drink.  I think the staff were getting worried because after about an hour they came over and asked us if we would like to order drinks.  A short while later all three of us went down and ordered our lunch. The food as always was excellent.  After eating our meal and more conversation we decided to go over to the Filofax Store in Conduit Street.

Janet and Christa at Vapiano

The Filofax Store Conduit Street London

The ladies in the Filofax store were the same as last time I visited, exceptionally helpful and very friendly. Both Christa and Janet both purchased themselves some lovely Filofax goodies.  As you know from my previous blog post I purchased myself a fantastic A5 Violet Domino in the sale for just over £25 and also picked up the new Filofax catalogue for 2013/14.

     Domino A5 Filofax Catalogue 2013/14                                    Filofax Storefront                 

We left Conduit Street and went back up Regent Street to the Oxford Circus tube station.  We said our goodbye before I left to catch the train back to Sussex.  The Saturday meet up with Christa and Janet was very enjoyable.

We now have only two months to go until the next big meet up in which will again be at Vapiano in London at the end of September.

Until next time

Purple Domino A5

Finally Organised

A quick post to let you know that I finally got an A5 Domino organiser, it’s just not in red.  The one I eventually purchased is violet and came from the Filofax store in Conduit Street in London on Saturday.  I haven't totally given up on owning a red one and will be contacting someone about the possibility of swapping it for their red one shortly.  The one I originally purchased came from a different supplier and arrived with four faults. The elastic closure had been overstretched, the cover was pock marked with scratches, the organiser stitching was coming undone and a piece of the cover had been scrapped away. This A5 however is perfect.

A5 Violet Domino

While I was in the Filofax store I picked up this lovely little book, perfect for summer reading.

Filofax Catalogue 2013/14

I hope to do a blog post about the mini meet up in London with the lovely Christa and Janet today or tomorrow but thought you might like to see my A5 Domino before then.

Until next time

Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Filofax Week 18

My Week

I'm still recovering today from my trip to London yesterday to meet the lovely Christa and Janet at Vapiano. Fortunately the weather yesterday was not to hot but London was exceptionally busy with tourists.  

Here's my Filofax week which has been reasonably busy with amongst other things my son's birthday.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Until next time

Friday, 19 July 2013

Mini Meet Up Saturday

London - Vapiano

Well Saturday is nearly here and almost time for a min Meet Up organised by Christa of Organized Heaven via Filofax for Philofaxy Fans.  We shall be meeting at Vapiano in great Portland Street at 12 noon for lunch and a chat.  Afterwards we may go to a few stationery stores.  Across the road from Vapiano is Rymans where I bought my Personal Domino for £5, so definitely worth a quick look.  I would also like to go to WH Smith because the A5 Domino that I ordered online arrived quite badly damaged. 

Philofaxy Meet Up at Vapiano at the end of March

After our get together I shall of course do a post to let you know how it went.

Until next time

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lots Of Filofaxes

 Lots Of Uses

As I may have said before I used to think that one Filofax would be enough me but I was so wrong.  I have a large collection which will become even bigger with the arrival of my A5 Domino.  I am constantly finding new uses for my organisers.  Filofax organisers are so much more sturdier than a binder and if you buy them second hand or when they're on sale they work out exceptionally good value for money.  Here are some of the uses I have for my organisers so far:

My Filofaxes altogether soon to be joined by an A5 Domino and before I received my Back to School

       1.  Pink Personal Classic - My regular everyday organiser
       2.  Green Back To School - Exceptionally good as a notebook
       3.  Pink Personal Finsbury - Fantastic for storing used Filofax pages so my organiser
            doesn't get over stuffed.
       4.  Black Personal (My Original) Organiser - Also great for storage
       5.  Brown Personal Cuban Zip - Great for when I want a stylish change from my Classic
       6.  Pink Pocket Breast Cancer - Also good as a notebook but reviewing this now I have 
            the Back School.
       7.  Purple Personal Domino - Possibly going to use this as a mini photo album/journal 
            or for writing down ideas for my blog
       8.  A5 Red Domino - A perfect size for scrapbooking and Smash pages.

So as I said lots of Filofaxes with lots of uses.  As time goes on I'm sure I will come up with lots more ways of organising my life with all my Filofaxes.

Until next time

Monday, 15 July 2013

A5 Red Domino

A Larger Organiser 

I didn't think I would be purchasing a new organiser so soon because I already have quite a few and most were bought this year.  This new Filofax will be a Red A5 Domino which will be larger than all the others I own.  I have a project I want to pursue and this is the perfect size.

I didn't really want to go out of town in this hot weather to buy an A5 just in case it was out of stock.  I had been looking for an A5 for a little while and was pleased when I found this online and on sale for £22.20 with free postage and packing. 

I shall let you see what it looks like when it arrives.

Until next time

Sunday, 14 July 2013

My Filofax Week 17

My Week

Today is another beautiful Sunday with lots of sunshine and I'm going to get out for a short walk before it gets too hot.  Here's my Filofax week.

I haven't been anywhere exciting this week but plenty to keep me busy.  My son's birthday is next week so it's almost time to make a chocolate cake with lots of chocolate icing. I shall try and resist eating too much, chocolate cake is a terrible weakness of mine.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Until next time

Friday, 12 July 2013

My Filofax - July


I thought you might like a look at the changes I'm making to my Filofax this month. I'm only part of the way there with what I want to achieve but thought I'd show you how far I've got.

I've decided that I need to have a book summary, I also want a section to summarise some of my favourite TV shows and a final section that is a shopping list of regular items.  

I've used some of my newer dividers for the all the new section. I'm using grid marked paper at present for my pages but hope to design and print up proper pages soon.

The first section is my book summary.  So many of the books I read are trilogies or even larger collections. Sometimes characters that appear at the beginning of a story may not reappear until much later in the book. Occasionally a character disappears only to re-emerge in later books.  It also lets me keep track of plot lines which often may not be significant until later in a book or later in the series.

Book Summary

My second section is for summaries of some of the TV shows I watch.  Again like the books there are sometimes so many characters that it's hard to remember who's who in a show. It can sometimes seem even more complex after you've watched twenty two episodes and the show then takes a break for a few months. When the programme returns you have to recall everything from the previous series and others prior to that.

TV Show Summary

The next thing I've added is a shopping list. I've put together a list of items that I buy the most.  There's also plenty of room on the back of the list for any extras that need to be added. 

Shopping List

I will probably not keep the first two sections in my organiser forever but they can continue to remain there for now as I continue to work on them.  My shopping list will definitely remain as I go to the shops most days.

Until next time

Monday, 8 July 2013


My First FiloRAK

I received my first FiloRak last week from the lovely Anna Marie from the USA. FiloRAKs is a fantastic page on Facebook for random acts of kindness.

Followers send things to others at no charge to the recipient after seeing their wishlist.  They're a great bunch of kind hearted people.  I'm going to be sending out some more packages to people this week.  Actually giving a FiloRAK is just as good fun as receiving one. 

Until next time

Filofaxes and Bags

Accessorising Bags & Filofaxes

After being inspired by recent blog posts by Laura Jane at Jagged Little Thoughts and Janet at This Bugs Life I thought I'd use Word 2010 to create some more images for my own blog. 

As some of you may know my two biggest loves are bags and my Filofaxes, I've brought the two together and this is what I have created.

Both of the above bloggers have been nominated for awards in the Philofaxy Awards 2013. Laura Jane has been nominated for the award of Most Artistic Filofax Blog and Janet has been nominated for Best All Rounder.  If you would like to vote in the awards you can click on this link to the PhILOFAXY .

I hope you like what I've created.

Until next time

Sunday, 7 July 2013

My Filofax Week 16

My Week

A beautiful Sunday today with lots of sunshine and a British winner of the Men's Singles Wimbledon Final, what more could you ask for?  Well I'm sure you could ask for lot more things but that'll do to be going on with. Here is my Fiofax Week.

I've had a busy week waiting in for workman to do essential jobs, going to the doctors and receiving a FiloRAK.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the start of a quieter week but you never can tell how it's going to turn out.

Enjoy your evening.

Until next time

Friday, 5 July 2013

Back To School

Exercise Book Organiser

My Back to School Organiser has arrived and here it is. It's a beautiful compact organiser with a retro design.  I did a post a little while ago saying how I would really like a Back to School organiser and now I'm fortunate to have one.  I don't always need a large organiser so this will be great when I'm not going to be out for long.

Back to School front cover
My organiser is green and comes with a matt finish but is also available in red.

Inside cover
The interior cover is described as a cream but to me it looks more like light grey.

Inside back cover

The organiser comes with a clear plastic wallet that has a pen loop attached to the edge.  The card holders were inserted by me.  The rings are smaller than average at 15mm.

The organiser comes with various sheets of coloured notepaper and paper dividers.  This is one of the personalised dividers I made recently.

Inside cover with noughts and crosses (tic tac toe).

The organiser has a green elastic closure and also comes with a frosted ruler/ page marker.                                        
This organiser is going to be perfect for me to use as a notebook.  It's nicely compact and light weight, just what I need for a notebook

Until next time

Monday, 1 July 2013

Filofax Numbers

June Review 

July 1st already so here's my Filofax numbers review for June.

0    =     The number of Filofax organisers I purchased in June

But then I shouldn't be too concerned as I already have six organisers

1    =      Filofaxes I'm awaiting delivery on.  A Back to School organiser

1    =      Articles on Filofax I've written which weren't for my blog

1    =     The number of people I've FiloRAKD via Facebook

3    =      Personalised page markers

6    =     Dividers that I've personalised for my Filofax

Six personalised dividers

15  =     Blog posts on Roses in December

27  =     Photos I've posted on my blog pages

21  =     The number of photos that are of Filofaxes

As always I hope you found my numbers review interesting.

Until next time