Friday, 5 July 2013

Back To School

Exercise Book Organiser

My Back to School Organiser has arrived and here it is. It's a beautiful compact organiser with a retro design.  I did a post a little while ago saying how I would really like a Back to School organiser and now I'm fortunate to have one.  I don't always need a large organiser so this will be great when I'm not going to be out for long.

Back to School front cover
My organiser is green and comes with a matt finish but is also available in red.

Inside cover
The interior cover is described as a cream but to me it looks more like light grey.

Inside back cover

The organiser comes with a clear plastic wallet that has a pen loop attached to the edge.  The card holders were inserted by me.  The rings are smaller than average at 15mm.

The organiser comes with various sheets of coloured notepaper and paper dividers.  This is one of the personalised dividers I made recently.

Inside cover with noughts and crosses (tic tac toe).

The organiser has a green elastic closure and also comes with a frosted ruler/ page marker.                                        
This organiser is going to be perfect for me to use as a notebook.  It's nicely compact and light weight, just what I need for a notebook

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  1. I love the noughts and crosses detail! That's cute!