Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Filofax Architect Courier Bag

Falling In Love

I'm sure I came across this lovely bag when I was in the Filofax Store in Conduit Street on Saturday but I refused to be tempted. I love messenger bags and this one looks amazing quality with its grained leather

With this bag I would be in pocket heaven, the bag is absolutely full of them.  I could easily fill the pockets with my Filofax and other bits and pieces.  Filofax UK are currently selling this bag on special offer at £139.30 but it's only available in brown.  The messenger bag above is black but as I've said it is only available in brown, which is fortunately a colour that I really  love 

I maybe be in love but sadly I still refuse to be tempted, I am unable to afford this gorgeous bag at the moment even on sale.  I don't however want to give up hope on owning this lovely bag or perhaps something similar. Maybe if I'm lucky I might get one for my birthday but I doubt it.  I must stop looking at it even if it is amazing.

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