Monday, 1 July 2013

Filofax Numbers

June Review 

July 1st already so here's my Filofax numbers review for June.

0    =     The number of Filofax organisers I purchased in June

But then I shouldn't be too concerned as I already have six organisers

1    =      Filofaxes I'm awaiting delivery on.  A Back to School organiser

1    =      Articles on Filofax I've written which weren't for my blog

1    =     The number of people I've FiloRAKD via Facebook

3    =      Personalised page markers

6    =     Dividers that I've personalised for my Filofax

Six personalised dividers

15  =     Blog posts on Roses in December

27  =     Photos I've posted on my blog pages

21  =     The number of photos that are of Filofaxes

As always I hope you found my numbers review interesting.

Until next time

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