Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lots Of Filofaxes

 Lots Of Uses

As I may have said before I used to think that one Filofax would be enough me but I was so wrong.  I have a large collection which will become even bigger with the arrival of my A5 Domino.  I am constantly finding new uses for my organisers.  Filofax organisers are so much more sturdier than a binder and if you buy them second hand or when they're on sale they work out exceptionally good value for money.  Here are some of the uses I have for my organisers so far:

My Filofaxes altogether soon to be joined by an A5 Domino and before I received my Back to School

       1.  Pink Personal Classic - My regular everyday organiser
       2.  Green Back To School - Exceptionally good as a notebook
       3.  Pink Personal Finsbury - Fantastic for storing used Filofax pages so my organiser
            doesn't get over stuffed.
       4.  Black Personal (My Original) Organiser - Also great for storage
       5.  Brown Personal Cuban Zip - Great for when I want a stylish change from my Classic
       6.  Pink Pocket Breast Cancer - Also good as a notebook but reviewing this now I have 
            the Back School.
       7.  Purple Personal Domino - Possibly going to use this as a mini photo album/journal 
            or for writing down ideas for my blog
       8.  A5 Red Domino - A perfect size for scrapbooking and Smash pages.

So as I said lots of Filofaxes with lots of uses.  As time goes on I'm sure I will come up with lots more ways of organising my life with all my Filofaxes.

Until next time