Monday, 22 July 2013

Mini Meet Up


Last Saturday was the day of the mini meet up at Vapiano in London.  In the end only three of us could make it, myself, Christa from Organized Heaven and Janet from This Bug's Life who was over here on business. The weather was cooler than it had been all week but it was still a nice day weather wise.

I arrived at Vapiano just before noon and Janet and Christa arrived soon after.  We chatted for ages, mainly about Filofaxes before we finally had something to drink.  I think the staff were getting worried because after about an hour they came over and asked us if we would like to order drinks.  A short while later all three of us went down and ordered our lunch. The food as always was excellent.  After eating our meal and more conversation we decided to go over to the Filofax Store in Conduit Street.

Janet and Christa at Vapiano

The Filofax Store Conduit Street London

The ladies in the Filofax store were the same as last time I visited, exceptionally helpful and very friendly. Both Christa and Janet both purchased themselves some lovely Filofax goodies.  As you know from my previous blog post I purchased myself a fantastic A5 Violet Domino in the sale for just over £25 and also picked up the new Filofax catalogue for 2013/14.

     Domino A5 Filofax Catalogue 2013/14                                    Filofax Storefront                 

We left Conduit Street and went back up Regent Street to the Oxford Circus tube station.  We said our goodbye before I left to catch the train back to Sussex.  The Saturday meet up with Christa and Janet was very enjoyable.

We now have only two months to go until the next big meet up in which will again be at Vapiano in London at the end of September.

Until next time

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