Friday, 23 August 2013

Kindle Insert

Keeping Track Of My Books

Recently I've felt that my Kindle is a monster that's out of control.  Due to financial constraints I'm frequently downloading free Kindle books.  Unfortunately for various reasons after a few pages or chapters I decide I don't want to read anymore of the book.  Often I just delete the book and it ends up on the cyberspace of Amazon. The long term problem with this situation is that my account is getting filled up with books I no longer want.  I also have books that I want to keep but don't know which is which without going through each one individually.  As there are probably over 300 books this would be very a time consuming job.  So for future purchase I have made this insert to help me know which books I want to get rid of but maybe not immediately, procrastination is terrible. 

I think with the books I already have in Amazon cyberspace will have to be removed by giving the archive a quick glance because at least 75% of them I'm not going to want.  The chances of losing something amazing are slim.

Hopefully this Kindle insert will prevent me getting in the same situation again but there are no guarantees

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  1. VERY GOOD IDEA!!... I don't YET have a kindle, but I do love to read. The problem is the amount of books I buy grow faster than I can read them. I have a beautiful library, so to speak, of books to choose from, as of right now, in my own home; but then I hear about OTHER good books from friends and/or the internet, and next thing you know, I'm buying MORE books!.. A vicious circle! (0; I hope you'll update, to say how this works for you, and have a great weekend! ~tina

    1. Glad that you like the insert. So far it seems to be working well but I will try and do an update at a later date. Hetty

  2. I have a kindle but only downloaded one free book so far. This is a good idea. Can you recommend any titles I could try? I have a kindle tab on my blog if you would like to see what I have read so far, including paid for books.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I've been over to your site and made a note of your email address. I hope to get back to you about the site that I use for free Kindle books and also books I've read that I might personally recommend.