Saturday, 10 August 2013

Loving My Cuban Friend


I know it's only August but I'm loving September. If you remember back to one of my previous posts I decided to call my Personal Brown Cuban Zip September after the character played by Michael Cerveris in the TV show Fringe.  My Cuban organiser is the only one that has been given a name; all the others are simply Filofax organisers.

My Filofax is not exactly going through another reorganisation; I'm putting together another Filofax organiser to put my health details in. My Cuban is ideal for helping me do this. Primarily it's the ring size in the Cuban that makes things work at the moment; they are really fantastic at 30mm. It makes my Filofax appear less stuffed than it is even with all the extra bits and pieces inside. The Cuban allows me to work on the sections for the organiser I'm putting together while I'm out. 

Not being very well seems to take me forever to do things.  Hopefully when I get things completed in my new organiser I'll be able to do you another post.

Until next time 

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