Friday, 16 August 2013

My Filofax Personal Domino

Personal Health

Aspects of my health has not been good for some time and I've been overwhelmed by questions I often want to ask the doctor about my health. This is the Filofax I told you that I was putting together in my recent post Loving my Cuban Friend. I decided my Personal Purple Domino was better suited to being a health organiser and not a mini photo album as suggested in my Lots of Filofaxes post. Here are some of the pages that I made to go inside it.

Purple Domino

Some health problems I'm aware of and others have to be diagnosed hence I have a number of different pages for taking notes

General Health Problems

Things To Discuss With The Doctor

Specific Symptoms

Occasionally the doctor will ask me about medication I haven't taken for sometime and I am unable to remember the side effects.  This page will allow me to record any side effects for future reference.

Medication Side Effects

When you take a number of vitamins and medication it's easy to forget one. This page is to list and record everything I'm taking.

Daily Vitamins & Medication

Having test results handy can sometimes be very helpful when comparing test results.

Blood Test Wallet

Hopefully these pages will make things easier when going to visit my doctor.

Until next time 


  1. This is so incredibly well-organized and genius!! I am so sorry that you are having health issues. Wishing you the best and a full recovery. You did a beautiful job with this Filofax, and it appears like it will be very helpful. Doctors love patients who are this organized with their records!!! :)

  2. Oh, I can only imagine how helpful this will be for you! Good idea, and best wishes for your good health. ~tina

    1. Thanks for your comment. It wasn't easy to put together as you need to have so much focus. Hopefully I've gotten there.

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