Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Filofax Week 28

My Week

Firstly I must say that his week started out quiet but just kept getting busier.  Friday was the day of the Filofax UK Meetup at Burgess Hill and was my most chaotic day.  Having to go out on Friday morning just added to my growing list of things to do.  Also Friday was another one of those days when I'd had insomnia the night before. Getting to Vapiano in London on Saturday was much simpler.  I have to say that on both days I met some fantastic Filofax people from Philofaxy. Here is My Week, I hope you find it interesting.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Until next time

Friday, 27 September 2013

Still Going Postal

Filofax Page Markers

This is my second post linked to the  Julie Kirk's Going Postal theme over on her blog Notes on Paper.  This time I'm not writing a story but showing you the page markers I've made for my Filofaxes.

My first page marker that I made is for my A5 Filofax, it's five stamps of trains from S. Tome E. Principe one of the smallest countries in Africa.

A5 Page Marker

My second page marker is for my Personal Filofax and uses stamps showing cycles.

Personal Page Marker

A little different to the items I usually make for my Filofaxes but I think my organisers need a little variety from time to time.

Until next time

Cillian Murphy And A Pocket

 Two New Inserts

My first new insert is one I made a little while ago but it was too small for what I had in mind at the time.  I need a new pocket to keep my money off coupons in and for that purpose it's perfect.  As always I try to keep it simple so I used two pieces of card, half a sheet of paper and some flowered Washi tape.

Personal Coupon Pocket

The second insert is for the front of my Personal Filofax and will be used as a dashboard.  I do however feel that it would unwise to cover it all up with notes ect. As you can see this insert has Cillian Murphy on it which I was able to get from Radio Times. This is a photograph that was used to promote the BBC 2 programme Peaky Blinders.

Cillian Murphy Personal Insert

Hopefully that's me done with making inserts for a while but you can never tell especially if a nice image of Cillian Murphy was to present itself.

Until next time

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Another Meetup

A Visit To London And Filofax 

I am getting ready this week to attend my second Philofaxy Meetup in London which takes place this weekend.  I find it amazing that so much has happened to me since the last Meetup six months ago.

Vapiano London

I had a blog before March this year but had never done a single post, however when I returned home after the March Meetup all that changed.  I have now put over ninety posts on my blog and received over thirty thousand hits, many of which would not have happened without Philofaxy.  Most of my posts are Filofax related but sometimes I do others types as well

In July there was mini Meetup with Janet and Christa. All though there was only three of us we had a fantastic time.

Janet & Christa

Something that I will sadly miss about these Philofaxy Meetups will be the Filofax store in Conduit Street. The ladies there were amazing and nothing was too much trouble.

The Filofax Store Conduit Street

Hopefully I will be able to do a post next week and let you know how the London Vapiano Meetup went and also the meet up at the Filofax offices at Burgess Hill, no trade secrets I'm afraid though.

Until next time

Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Filofax Week 27

My Week

I've finally sorted out both of my cameras and therefore managed to post My Week on time. This week seems to have been mainly about contacting people, lots of texts, emails and phone calls.  The phone calls are the worst because they often take forever and at the end you've achieved nothing.  One recent phone call was three minutes of options.  After that I was on hold for twenty two minutes, I hung up because after twenty five minutes I was fed up of waiting.  After all that here's My Week.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend and I hope you have a good week.

Until next time

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Going Postal

Letters To My Mother

Julie Kirk over at the amazing blog Notes on Paper is Going Postal for the third year in a row. Going Postal made me think about a time when I was growing up and the only way I could have contact with my mother was through letters and postcards.  This is what I remember about that time

It is often said that the past is another country and this is certainly true when I think of the time my mother spent in hospital in the 1960s.  Right up until the late 1970s when people suffered with their nerves (a euphemism for stress or a nervous breakdown) they were often not cared for at home but in hospital.  Now it’s all about care in the community but back then many people went into hospital for a rest, good food and some tlc.

For one month my sisters, my brother and myself, went into foster homes because our father who had become our main carer was also taken ill and had to be hospitalised himself. During my time in my foster home I missed my mother terribly and was only allowed to write to her once a week.  I don’t recall much about the content of the letters only how I finished them; I would always tell her how desperately I missed her.  Years later my mother told me how important the letters were to her and how she and her friend would spend all week deciphering what I had written.

Most weekends my foster parents would take my sister and I out with the rest of their family on day trips.  We were taken to a number of places but I especially remember Bristol Zoo and Bourton on the Water.  I loved Bourton on the Water where they had a model village of the town.  On the trip to Bourton on the Water I was allowed to buy a postcard which I was able to send to my mother. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to write it but at least my mother was able to have some correspondence from me. My mother kept the postcard all her life and when she passed away in the late nineties I got the postcard back. 

Communication when I was growing up was a lot slower than today, many people didn't have landline phones and mobiles didn't exist.  At that time the majority of us communicated with one another by sending letters and postcards and that made communication extremely personal. I don’t recall getting any mail from mother when I was in the foster home; unfortunately she probably didn't have enough money for a stamp.  I do like to think that my one letter a week gave her something to look forward to at what must have been a very difficult time.    

Although it’s creased, grubby and worn in places here is the postcard I sent to my mother.


Here is the back of the postcard and a picture of my mother at that time.  You cannot actually see my mother's face as she is sat with her back to the camera at the end of  the carnival float nearest to the nurse.

Until next time

Friday, 20 September 2013

Guest Post: My Favourite Adult Book

Today for the first time I have guest post which has been written by Helen from Fennell Books. After you've read her post you can check out her blog over at Fennell Books. Helen has kindly put together this post as part of the Philofaxy All Stars Tour.

A big thank you to Paula for allowing me a slot on her lovely blog as a part of the Philofaxy All Stars Blogging event.

Paula asked me to write about my favourite book, what a question to ask a bookworm! I have mulled this over for quite some time, and it isn’t easy to answer. If I am after a good laugh it would be a Pratchett or a Wodehouse, if I want something beautifully written which I can immerse myself in it would be The Remains of the Day or A month In The Country. The Darling Buds of May meets the feel good factor and The Diamond as Big as the Ritz is the first really grown up story I read which made me think more widely than just about adventure.  So, which book to write about? In the end, I thought I would write about a book which I think about on and off with a reasonably regular frequency, even though I read it several years ago.  This book is What Was Lost by Catherine O’Flynn.

I picked up What Was Lost randomly from the library, for no other reason than it sounded unusual. The book is about a ten year old girl called Kate, set in 1984, she likes to play detectives in the newly opened shopping centre close to her home. One day she goes missing, and the case remains unsolved. Fast forward to 2004 and a security guard in the same shopping centre and sales lady from the record store set out to discover what happened to Kate.

The first part of the book is narrated by Kate, and O’Flynn pitches the voice of the little girl and her imagination perfectly, and perhaps it has a particular resonance with me as I would have been about the same age in 1984. As the novel jumps to 2004, the shopping centre’s soulless existence is still there. What Catherine O’Flynn does brilliantly is capture the ordinary in everyday life, against a backdrop of the delicate and disconcerting mystery of Kate’s disappearance. The book is multi-layered, just as life is, and loss and disappointment are explored with a gentle touch.

I know this doesn’t sound like a cheery read, but the mystery in itself is genuinely brilliant and touching and the books is worth reading just for that. The almost perfect capturing of real life also left me far more aware of the people around me, those I know and those I don’t and what they may be carrying with them, which doesn’t outwardly manifest itself. 

Thanks Helen for a fantastic post.

Another New Bag

A Bag For My Finance Domino

I love my A5 Violet Domino but I need a bag to protect it. The one I made previously is not quite right for the A5 so I decided to make a new one.

This bag was made from an old Asda t shirt which I'd never worn.  I used a spare piece of ribbon for the drawstring and an old OshKosh button that had been on my son's dungarees when he was three.

Yet again I've been able to make a bag to protect my Filofax which has cost me virtually nothing.

Until next time

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Coming Soon

My Finance Domino

Unfortunately for various reasons I never managed to use my A5 Violet Domino for scrapbooking and Smash pages.  Due to a recent change in my finances I need to keep a closer eye on them.  For this purpose I think the Domino will be ideal.

My A5 Domino

I have made a small start by already making a finance sheet for my Domino as you can see below.

Finance Sheet

Hopefully within the next week I will make further progress with my finance organiser and I will then do an update post

Until next time

My Filofax Week 26

My Week

I must apologise once again for the late posting of My Week.  Unfortunately I've again been over tired through lack of sleep.  Also I've had problems with my camera, my Kodak needs recharging and I've mislaid the cable.  The Samsung that I use absolutely refuses to take decent photos in the evening no matter how much extra lighting I give it. Here at last though is My Week.

Hopefully by next week I will have found my camera charger and my post will be on time.

Until next time

Friday, 13 September 2013

A New Insert

A Wallet And A Pen Holder.

I thought I would share my new wallet with you that I've just made for my Filofax.  I always need extra pockets in my Filofax for notes that I've written on loose pieces of paper and this is my latest one.

As you can see the wallet is not only good for notes but also holding pens occasionally as well.  I made the wallet just slightly wider than a personal page so that I could include some pens on the outside edge.

I hope you like the wallet as much as I do.

Until next time

Monday, 9 September 2013

Filofax Page Storage

Protecting My Diary Pages

I normally store some of my diary pages inside my Pink Personal Finsbury but occasionally the Finsbury gets used for other things.  So what I decided to do today was make a cover for my diary pages to protect them when the Finsbury is needed elsewhere.

Diary Temporary Binder Cover

Last week I bought an inexpensive laminator and was able to use that to make some basic front and back covers.  I used A5 pages for the cover but the punched holes are positioned to fit my diary pages.  I used six small book rings to hold the diary pages securely.

I'm still getting used to my laminator and may reduce down the size of the binder pages, they don't need to be quite that large for personal pages.  

I'm sure the binder will be more than adequate for temporary use.

Until next time

My Filofax Week 25

My Week

Apologies for the late posting of My Week, continuing health problems have been the main reasons for the delay.  Sadly never made it to Kew last week but hopefully I'll get there later this week.

I hope you've all had a good week and this one will turn out to be a good one as well.

Until next time

Monday, 2 September 2013

Thinking About Christmas

Christmas Inserts

I realise it's only September but I think we've reached the time when you can give Christmas the occasional thought. Therefore I've put together some inserts to help me organise gifts and cards.  Firstly I've made an insert to make a note of who to send Christmas cards to.  I also thought it was time I used some of my Washi tape to decorate the inserts which only got used on Christmas cards last year.

Christmas Card List

Secondly I made an insert to write down gift ideas as they came to mind.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Lastly I made an insert to remind me next of the gifts I've actually given.  I have sometimes known people give exactly the same gift two years in a row.

Christmas Gift Record

It is still a little early to think about Christmas so I won't even mention how many sleeps there are left until Christmas Day, I'll let you work that one out.

Until next time 

Filofax Numbers

August Review 

Slightly later this month but here's my Filofax Numbers review for August

1     =    The amount of times I've changed the Filofa organiser I'm using. I'm now using my Personal Songbird

1   =      The number of Filofaxes purchased in August.  Again my Personal Songbird

9   =     Personalised inserts or dividers made for Filofaxes 

I made six for my new Personal Health Filofax, one for my Kindle books, one for cleaning and household tasks and One Direction divider. 

14   =     The number of blog posts to Roses in December
22   =     Photos that contain Filofaxes on my blog. That's not counting my best of July in photos

As always I hope you found my numbers review interesting.

Until next time

Sunday, 1 September 2013

My Filofax Week 24

My Week

A slightly calmer week now that all my visitors have returned home.  Possibly next week will be slightly busier as I'm hoping to go to the National Archive at Kew to do some research.

I hope you've had a good week and get to enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Until next time