Monday, 9 September 2013

Filofax Page Storage

Protecting My Diary Pages

I normally store some of my diary pages inside my Pink Personal Finsbury but occasionally the Finsbury gets used for other things.  So what I decided to do today was make a cover for my diary pages to protect them when the Finsbury is needed elsewhere.

Diary Temporary Binder Cover

Last week I bought an inexpensive laminator and was able to use that to make some basic front and back covers.  I used A5 pages for the cover but the punched holes are positioned to fit my diary pages.  I used six small book rings to hold the diary pages securely.

I'm still getting used to my laminator and may reduce down the size of the binder pages, they don't need to be quite that large for personal pages.  

I'm sure the binder will be more than adequate for temporary use.

Until next time


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    1. Thanks. I think it such a waste of my Filofax to just use it entirely for storage.