Friday, 27 September 2013

Still Going Postal

Filofax Page Markers

This is my second post linked to the  Julie Kirk's Going Postal theme over on her blog Notes on Paper.  This time I'm not writing a story but showing you the page markers I've made for my Filofaxes.

My first page marker that I made is for my A5 Filofax, it's five stamps of trains from S. Tome E. Principe one of the smallest countries in Africa.

A5 Page Marker

My second page marker is for my Personal Filofax and uses stamps showing cycles.

Personal Page Marker

A little different to the items I usually make for my Filofaxes but I think my organisers need a little variety from time to time.

Until next time


  1. Aren't those nice bicycle stamps?! And what a simple way to personalise and introduce something a little different to a standard book. [I had great fun adding washi-tape page tabs to my diary this summer - so I understand the urge to 'craftify' things!]

    Thanks for joining in once again - you're on the board now:

    Julie :-)

    1. Thanks Julie, the stamps were part of a first day cover set that had been damaged, I purchased lots of sets one Saturday from someone selling them very, very cheaply.