Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Brushing Up My Filofax

Keeping My Songbird Clean

I often wondered what I would do if the fabric on My Personal Songbird became dirty and at the weekend I was faced with that challenge.  Unfortunately I didn't photograph the marks so I can't give you a before photo. I can show you what I used to remove the long line of dirt which appeared on the back. 

I have two pairs of Converse suede boots and I use a very soft suede brush to clean them. Using that plastic brush very gently I was able to remove every bit of the dirt. The brush is made by a company called Mr Bartlett and cost me a few pounds in Tesco.  

I now know that removing dirt from my Songbird is quite simple with my suede brush, I only hope that if I get any stains on it they will be just as easy to remove.

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