Thursday, 3 October 2013

Philofaxy Meetup Part One

Filofax Burgess Hill

Last Friday was the first of the Philofaxy Meetups and was held at the Filofax offices in Burgess Hill.  I arrived first as I was only travelling from East Sussex, that said my journey was probably longer as I had to change trains and managed to miss one.  When I arrived I was greeted by the lovely Sharon Golbey the Head of Marketing Services.  I was able to chat with everyone while I waited for the rest of the group to arrive.

When everyone else arrived Sharon explained to us some of the developments that occurred since the company changed ownership.  Members of the Philofaxy group were also able to give their opinions on Filofax products and the Filofax website.

I also got to meet Kym who I'd had contact with previously when I did a post for the new Filofax website.

The Filofax team created a number of presentations for us to look at.  There was a display of vintage Filofaxes which have been manufactured over the years, old swatch cards and old catalogues.

Everyone also got the chance to look at many of the Filofax organisers currently or recently on sale.

Philofaxy members were in the position of being able to chat about and admire Filofax organisers at the same time.

Finally as we were about to leave we were each presented with a bag of Filofax goodies.  I received a Flex Notebook Cover with a ruled notebook, jot pad and a movable pen holder.  I also received a small yellow pen and an A5 Flex ruled notebook.  Lastly I received a lovely card which gave me a discount on my next online Filofax purchase.

My journey to the Filofax offices may have taken some time but when I got there it was well worth the trip. Everybody was so friendly, be they members of the Philofaxy group or the staff of Filofax UK

Until next time


  1. Thanks for your report on the visit, Hetty. :) I trust you'll enjoy your Flex - and discount. :)

    1. Thank you. Sadly I won't probably be able to use the discount due to financial restrictions at home. But maybe one of the family will get me something of the Filofax persuasion next Thursday for my birthday.

  2. A VHS copy of "Taking Care of Business" next to "Filofax Facts"? The ultimate in 1980s Filo-fabulosity!