Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Change Of Filofax And A Change Of Setup

Back To My Personal Pink Classic

I felt it was time to change my Filofax and have put my Songbird away for now and have gone back to using my Personal Pink Classic.  For some time now I've been readjusting my setup and this is what it looks like.

At the front of my Filofax I had to keep Cillian Murphy.

Most of the other pages and inserts that I use regularly are now in the middle of my organiser. My diary is still in the middle and so is the blotting paper that I made up.  Also I now clip the previous weeks of my diary together with the beautiful rose bookmark Janet from This Bug's Life sent me.

Next I have my weekly to do list where you can see I added a little Washi tape to the bottom.  

Recently I've added a long term to do list for things that won't get done immediately but need doing none the less. 

I now keep my Tesco Clubcard vouchers and money off coupons in the centre of my organiser so I know exactly where they are.

Finally I have my cleaning & household task sheet which I want readily available.

Well that's my setup for now but as always it's constantly changing as my needs change.

Until next time 


  1. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed seeing your current setup.

  2. So sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Thanks for your kind words.