Saturday, 9 November 2013

Filofax Hint Of The Day

Diary Inserts

For some time now I've been considering what to do about my new Filofax diary inserts for next year.  I really want to continue using Filofax inserts but I have less money coming in than earlier this year.  The other day I was sorting through my Filofax collection and came across one I bought for £12 in a sale, to my complete surprise there was a diary inside that I had forgotten about for the whole of 2014. Problem solved, the pages may not be pink like my old ones but white will do just fine.  So if you've bought a number of Filofax organisers this year you may be as fortunate as me and find some 2014 diary inserts tucked away inside.

Before I go a I’d like to make a quick apology for lack of posts recently.  I continue not to be well hence the absence of posts. I hope to start posting again regularly but I can't promise.

Until next time

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