Friday, 13 December 2013

A5 Diary Pages

Not Exactly A New Diary

Since I began putting the Amazona together for future use it was obvious I was going to need some diary pages.  In the past I've always used Filofax diary inserts but a number of pens that I've used have bled through.  I wanted diary inserts that had thicker paper to help prevent bleed through and also wasn't too expensive to buy.  I went to my collection of old diaries that I'd purchased on sale and found one from Paperchase that I'd never used.  The diary has quite thick pages so will be perfect.

Unfortunately the diary is for 2012 but that is not a problem.  After removing the pages with a craft knife, trimming the paper slightly and punching in the necessary holes I then got to work on changing the date.  I've covered up the date with flowered Washi tape and then placed plain Washi tape over the top so I can write the correct date.  The diary pages are perfect for me as I am now making entries that resemble a journal. 

Before Pages

After Pages

The diary pages are plain and simple and sometimes that's all you need.

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