Friday, 27 December 2013

Another Change Of Direction With Dividers

One Direction 

Yet again I've been making One Direction dividers for my niece.  The last divider I made was back in the summer and inexpensive photos were extremely difficult to get hold of.  For these dividers I purchased a One Direction annual for £1.99 in a post-Christmas sale.  The annual had an exceptional amount of pictures of One Direction inside making it excellent value for money.  These dividers are going to be a New Year gift for my niece and I hope she will like them.

I must point out that in this second photo One Direction are not actually on fire, it's just the way the camera flash has caught the laminate.

I would so very much have liked to make similar dividers for my own Filofax organiser with photos of Cillian Murphy but sadly they don't make Christmas annuals with him in.

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