Thursday, 12 December 2013

Flex A5 Notebook

Good Quality Notepaper

First of all I want to apologise for my lack of posts recently.  Yet again I have been unwell hence the blog silence.  I hope to have a few posts coming up in the next week or so starting with my Flex notepaper today.

Since I've started doing posts about my diet for Janet over at This Bug's Life I've really fallen in love with the Brown A5 Amazona she provided me with to keep my diet project in.  When the project is completed I will be using this Filofax for my everyday use.  One of the drawbacks with any Personal Filofax for me is the fact I never felt I had enough space for making notes and writing down what I want or need to do.  Often to compensate for this I was carrying around an A5 notebook as well.  The notebook unfortunately lacked structure and the notes I put into it would often be very messy. Hopefully in my next post I will be able to show you exactly how I have personalised the paper for notes and to do lists.  So I made the decision to move up to the A5 Amazona.  I wanted some good quality notepaper to reduce the problem of possible ink bleeding through.  Then I remembered that the lovely people at Filofax in Burgess Hill had given me an A5 Flex ruled notebook.

Flex A5 Notebook

I took a craft knife and gently cut the threads securing the pages in the notebook and trimmed the edges slight with my paper trimmer.  Then I used my single hole punch to make the necessary holes to allow me put the paper into my Amazona.  Below you can see the finished result.

I also have a Flex Nappa leather notebook holder which came with a jotter.  The jotter is fantastic for keeping in the back of my Amazona for the times I need to write someone a short note. 

Flex Jotter

As I said I hope to be doing more posts shortly which will show you how I'm setting up my Amazona and how I will be personalising it.  

Until next time


  1. I love the Flex notebook paper - it's a shame they don't use it for any of the other inserts, although I guess it would mke it a bit bulkier... hmmm

  2. Thanks LJ for your comment. I don't know if I could put a whole notebook into a Filofax but on a need to use basis about 10 pages is fine.

  3. I did the same thing with the Flex WO2P diary when I was in an A5 and wanted the same quality as the cotton cream diary they have for personal size Filofaxes. It's just a shame they don't just make good quality paper in general.

  4. Thanks for your comment Carla. It is indeed a shame that Filofax don't make paper that's of a thicker quality. I personalise so much of my own paper so I can have some that's of a thicker quality.

  5. I've just bought a single-hole punch. I don't think I'll use it much, but I'm sure it will come in invaluable later on.

    1. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I use my single hole punch all the time, the one with six holes is just slightly to big.