Friday, 13 December 2013

Personalising My To Do List

To Do Lists And Notes

Today's post as I mentioned yesterday is to let you all know how I have personalised my to do lists and notes for my A5 Amazona.  Originally when I made up the pages for my to do lists and notes I used a ruler to make the grid to separate notes but I felt this looked messy and unprofessional.  To get past this problem I used my printer to add the grids for me.  With only a little trial and error I soon had a grid I was happy with. Finally for a little embellishment I added some Washi tape. Here is the final result.

Whether or not the page will continue looking the same as it does now remains to be seen.  It looks less messy at the moment than my previous scribbled notes but only time will tell if it will continue to be that way. 

Until next time


  1. Are the slashes things that you have completed?

  2. Yes they are. Sorry I should have said. Unfortunately there are never enough red slashes