Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pocket Filofax A-Z Dividers

Recycling My Dividers

Recently I decided to turn my Pink Pocket Breast Cancer Filofax into an A-Z to hold all my online passwords.  Unfortunately for me I'd given away my only set of pocket A-Z dividers as a Filorak earlier this year.  I know I could have bought new ones but financial restraints made this an option I didn't want to pursue.  I have over the past year bought a number of Personal Filofax which have a large amount of unused A-Z dividers inside them.  What I decided to do was cut some of the dividers to size and use them inside my Pocket.  So below you can see exactly how I did it.
A-Z Prior To Cutting

After Trimming

Re-punched Holes And Inserted Into Filofax

As you can see they're not the same as A-Z dividers had I bought them?  They're also not perfect but they will do exactly the job they need to do.  So I can honestly say I'm happy with the finished result.  I have my A-Z dividers and I didn't need to pay for them.

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