Friday, 20 December 2013

Setting Up My Amazona

Personalising My Amazona Dividers

I've never used an A5 Filofax on a daily basis before but that's all about to change.  As I said in my previous post about Good Quality Notepaper, I have recently been doing a diet project for Janet over at This Bug's Life.  To enable me to do the posts she provided me with an A5 Amazona.  While doing the project I fell in love with the Amazona and will now be using it as my everyday Filofax.  It's going to take me a little while to set up the Amazona and also quite a while to personalise all my dividers.  I am going to keep you regularly updated on the progress that I'm making with my personalisation and when all the updates are completed I will do a blog post to show the Amazona set up and dividers in their entirety

The first divider that I have completed is the one for my notes and to do list.  I recently posted my new to do list which continues to work well for me.  Here is is my notes divider.

Notes Divider Front

Notes Divider Back

My next divider that I personalised was the one for my diary.  The images I used for this were cut from a John Lewis magazine.  Some store magazines have such beautiful photographs that are demanding to be up-cycled.  I just love these beach huts.

Diary Divider Front

Diary Divider Back

Just two dividers personalised so far but as I have said I will be keeping you updated regularly as each divider is personalised. 

Until next time

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