Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Loss Of A Friend


Sometimes a death comes suddenly and without warning and that was how it was with my cat Charlie last week. 

Charlie was thirteen but to look at him you would never have guessed.  Charlie was exceptionally fit and was often out in the woods catching shrews.

Last week Charlie came up to my room in the morning demanding to be fed.  I made him wait a little as I was about to have a shower.  After my shower he bounced down the stairs at 7am ready for breakfast.  By the time I brought him his food he'd flopped over twice unable to stand properly.  After eating only half his breakfast he tried to rest but couldn't settle.  Charlie was having difficulty breathing and he had problems with his back legs.


I got Charlie to the vets early and was told he had an embolism that had broken into two.  The embolism that had affected his lungs and lower back.  Initial treatment was £400 - £500 and had a low success rate.  Charlie would also need medication for the rest of his life.  Charlie was fading very quickly and by eleven o'clock it was decided to end his suffering and put him to sleep.

Charlie Snoozing In His Favourite Chair

Although I will miss Charlie greatly I know that he had a good life.

Until next time

Monday, 24 November 2014

Domino A5 Filofax - December Daily

December Daily 
Part Two

I went into town today and found the perfect material to cover my Purple A5 Domino, dark green fabric with snowflakes.  Below is a photo to remind you of how my Filofax looked before I covered it.

A5 Purple Domino

Domino Filofax With Snowflake Cover

To make the new cover wrap around my Filofax more easily I've removed the elastic band that kept the organiser closed.

New Cover & Santa Key

To keep the organiser closed I've stitched dark green ribbon to each side of it so that it can easily be tied shut.

Well that was the second look at my December Daily organiser; hopefully I will have the third and final part with you soon.

Until next time

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Purple Domino A5 Filofax - December Daily

December Daily 
Part One

This year for the first time I'm going to document December and Christmas with my A5 Purple Domino.  What I'm actually doing is referred to as December Daily.  Virtually everything I'm using to set up my Filofax will be items I already have. First of all here's the Filofax I'll be using:

A5 Purple Domino

Inside Cover of December Daily

This is the calendar that I'll be using which I downloaded for free from the lovely blog Stitch in Time. 

December 2014 Calendar

The paper tape below is part of a three pack from Tiger costing £2.

Page Divider

Second Page Divider

Recently Made Christmas Card List

My Dresser Last Christmas

I found this image of Santa in a thirty year old Marks & Spencer book I bought in a charity shop.


Also found in the Marks & Spencer Christmas book.

Mrs Beeton's Christmas Cake

Table and clipart from Office 2010

Tasks Before Christmas

We Three Kings

The key above was £1 in Poundland.

Apologies for the post being picture heavy in part one and even more photos coming in part two.

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse of my December Daily Filofax and you find part two just as interesting when I post it.

Until next time

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Philofaxy Meetup

Sunday 9th November

Almost another time for another Philofaxy meetup again and as always I'm really looking forward to it.  It's always lovely to meet up with like minded lovers of Filofax and other planners.

Organisers And Filofaxes May 2014

Lots Of Conversation

A Wide Selection Of Freshly Cooked Italian Meals

If your interested in attending go to Philofaxy and check out the details for the event then contact Steve to see if there are any vacancies.

Until next time

Monday, 27 October 2014

Post Its

Pukka Divider Notes

I can't recall where I bought these Divider Notes from Pukka but they're fantastic for making notes in my Filofax. I have a feeling I may have purchased them at Rymans.

Pukka Divider Notes

I've removed some of the Divider Notes and punched holes along the edge so that I can keep them in my Filofax for when I need them.

Divider Notes Pages

Having a tab on the pages makes it extremely easy to locate notes that I've put in my organiser, a real bonus in a stuffed Filofax.  Some of the colours are almost florescent which can make them easier to locate. I think they cost me less than £3 which makes them quite reasonable to buy.

Until next time

An Envelope For Bits & Pieces

Internal Envelope

I'm always looking for new ideas to add variety to my Filofax organisers and recently decided an internal envelope as a pocket would do just that.  I looked around for some inexpensive internal envelopes and managed to purchase 25 for £3.00, including postage and packing from Amazon UK.

Internal Envelope Pocket

Even inside my A5 Identity the envelope was a little too large so I had to trim the outside edge to make it fit.   I then resealed the edge with some Washi tape.  It's really great for holding notes ect plus the top of the envelope is resealable for extra security.  I consider it a nice addition to my Filofax while also being inexpensive.

Until next time

Friday, 24 October 2014

Letters & Correspondence

Correspondence Sheet

The past week has been chaotic dealing with various people and companies I've needed to get in touch with. Unfortunately the contact I've made doesn't end there; I now have to follow up with a letter. These letters often have to be done quite quickly and I was staring to lose track of all the correspondence that needed sending.  So to hopefully make any correspondence a little easier I've now created a table in Microsoft Office for my A5 Identity Filofax.  No guarantees it will work but at least I've brought some sort of order to the chaos.

Here's the list I've created.  As usual it's reasonably simple but simplicity appears to work best.

Correspondence Replies

Only time will show how well it's working but I'm sure it will do the job I require just fine

Until next time

Holidays Are Coming

Christmas Card List

It doesn't seem that long ago since I was making a Christmas card list but actually almost fourteen months have gone by.  To get myself started with the spirit of Christmas I've made myself a new list but this time it's for my A5 Identity Filofax.  To make my list I used a basic table from Word Microsoft Office and added a clipart which also came from Word. Here's my finished list.

Christmas Card List 2014

I just love this old fashioned Santa and I feel he's perfect for my Christmas card List.

Until next time

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Zipped Raspberry Filofax Pennybridge Compact Organiser

Raspberry Delight

Here’s a very quick post from me to tell you about my new Filofax organiser, hopefully I can show you more of my new Pennybridge shortly.  I hadn't intended buying a new organiser (I so often don't) but this delight in raspberry was too hard to resist. As always it wasn't to expensive, it should have been £35 instore at WH Smith but a friend kindly leant me their 20% discount card that Smith's had been issuing to customers.  That took the price down to £28.  My son gave me £10 as an early birthday present which took the cost down further to £18.  I must say that had Janet at This Bug's Life not done a blog post about a Compact Filofax I probably wouldn't have been tempted by a new organiser, thank you Janet.

Pennybridge - Sideways


Inside Front Cover

Front Cover Pockets - There Are So Many Of Them

The Pennybridge is so compact it's allowed me to dispense with the need to have a large purse inside my handbag as well.  Without my old purse my bag has become much lighter.

Hopefully I will be able to do another post soon to give you a better idea of my new organiser.

Until next time

Monday, 15 September 2014

My Filofax Week 1

My Week

Because of the lack of postings of My Week I've decided to start again at week one.  My last posting was a special, My Weekend which was back in May when I stayed at a youth hostel.  Hopefully I will get back to posting My Week on a weekly basis.  As so often is the case I've had a busy week but nothing overly exciting.  Saying that I will post a photo I took of the Tour of Britain Cycle Race on Saturday. As so often is the case with this type of event, blink and you miss it. 

Here after a long break is My Week.

My Week

Tour Of Britain Cycle Race

Alex Dowsett and Sir Bradley Wiggins were almost certainly there but I couldn't be sure, they moved so fast.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing My Week and I also hope that your week will be a good one.

Until next time 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Reorganising My Amazona

A Little Organisation And Some Book Rings

Recently I've been using my Amazona A5 Filofax organiser (which you may recall I got from Janet at This Bug's Life) to hold some social science reading notes I've been working with but that area of study is now complete until next year.  I now need to remove virtually all the paperwork from my Filofax and get it ready for storage as Amazona will now be used for a different project.

My Amazona Prior To Reorganising - Laid Flat & Book Rings

 Amazona Prior To Reorganising - Side View

Amazona After Reorganising - Top View

Amazona After Reorganising - Side View

The book rings came from The Glitter Pot.  I bought them a few years ago and they are still on sale at the same price of £1.99.  Postage and packing is still very reasonable, free with an order over £40 and only £1 if your order is £9.99 or less.

I haven't removed all the pages from my Amazona as I'm going to need some of them for my next project.  A lot of what remains inside the Amazona is only paper ready to be used.  My Amazona is now much lighter and ready for however I use it next.

Until next time

Thursday, 11 September 2014

North Of The Border

Paperchase Glasgow

Before I commence with my new post apologies for not making contact with all the people who have been in touch with me regarding my last post "It's Always A Good Time", I have had a terrible cold recently which was then replaced with a sinus infection.  To all you lovely people I shall be in touch shortly.  

Last month (you can tell how far behind I am) I visited my son Jay in Scotland.  This was my first trip north of the border and I was in no way disappointed.  The people, architecture, shops and weather were fantastic.  The jury is still out on the bagpipers who were practising in the local park for up to twelve hours a day.

One of the first places I went was the Paperchase store in Buchanan Street Glasgow.  It's equally as nice as the Tottenham Court Road branch in London.

Buchanan Street Paperchase

When I was inside the store I asked permission from a lovely guy called Joseph if I could take some photos for my blog and he said it wouldn't be a problem.  He was so helpful and friendly and even tweaked some of the planners for me.

The Organisers

The Filofax Section After Joseph Tweaked It

Some More Organisers

Upstairs At Paperchase

Unfortunately I didn't buy very much in Paperchase even though it was brimming with fantastic organisers and stationery.

After I left Paperchase I popped into John Lewis nearby but didn't purchase anything there.  I did however see Olympic and Commonwealth swimming medallist Michael Jamieson who unfortunately wasn't wearing his Speedos.  

Michael Jamieson

Finally after all that I retired to Cafe Nero to update my Filofax.

Cafe Nero With My Filofax

I was only in Glasgow for five days so I only saw a small part of the city but I have to admit I did visit Paperchase more than once.

Until next time

Thursday, 28 August 2014

"I'm In"

"It's Always A Good Time"

"Owl City"

In the words of my niece Mina "After all the recent terrible tragedies that have happened and are happening, this world needs as much kindness as it can get."  Following in her initiative I'm going to Pay it Forward.  It may be small or it may be large but whoever leaves a comment on my blog plus "I'm in" will receive something Filofax related through their mail box in the next couple of months. Envelopes and packets will be sent out from next week. Once you've left your comment email me your address at: while also letting me know what size Filofax Organiser you have.  Some of the items I send out may be home made and others will be bought, I hope they will bring a little pleasure into your life. Once you've received something perhaps you too can pay it forward.


Page Marker

Coupon Pocket

The above are just a few possibilities of what you might receive but do remember no two designs will probably be the same. 

I look forward to receiving your comments.

Until next time 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Unexpected Bills

Bill Planner

Virtually all my bills are paid by direct debit or standing order but just recently some extra bills have been cropping up that cannot be covered in this way.  To help me not to forget theses extra bills and not incur any penalties or charges I've created a planner page for my extra monthly bills.  As on a number of previous occasions I created a simple table.  There are four columns with the headers Payee, Due Date, Amount and finally a tick box when the bill has been paid.  I took a piece of paper from bookzine Bookstack and trimmed it to size.  I used a Pritt Stick to adhere the bill planner to the page, added some Washi Tape and then punched my holes.

Monthly Bills

Not one of my best photographs but I hope you get the general idea about what I'm hoping to achieve.

I only started it this month but I hope it will turn out to be useful.

Until next time

Recycled Diary Pages

Monthly Diary

I've felt lately that I need some diary pages in my Amazona for the months ahead.  I only keep enough diary pages in my planners for two months, hence I felt the urge to create something to note down forthcoming events.  I purchased the diary for half price at Paperchase and have found many uses for it within my planners.  This is the front page.

August Diary Page

Very little was needed to be done to the page other than adding a little extra paper to the edge after the perforations were trimmed off.  

Diary Page Reverse

The reverse of the diary page varies slightly; it has the same piece of added paper (two designs, one sheet) plus some Washi Tape. This allows the extra paper to bond more firmly. I then punched the holes and this is the end result.

It's great for noting down important dates for the upcoming months.

Until next time

A5 Fine Art Dashboard

Dashboard Number Two

First of all I want to apologise for my lack of posts in the past month, various reasons but mainly ones connected to health and home.  Hopefully my blog postings will now improve and get back to normal.  

I felt my A5 Amazona could do with a new dashboard and again I went to my free fine art catalogues for inspiration.  As you may recall that was the content of my last blog post.  Here are the two images I chose.

Couple On Pier

I love this image of the couple on the pier; unfortunately it also makes me think of Eastbourne Pier which was badly damaged this week by fire.

Dancing Couple

I can't recall if this couple are a bride and groom but again I think it's a lovely image.

I have a number of blog posts planned and I hope to have some of them up before I go to Scotland next week.

Until next time

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fine Art Dashboard

Hazel Soan & Inam

Someone recently told me about some fine art catalogues being given away by a local art shop and I knew I must have some.  I hadn't planned on making a new dashboard but I did have an idea in the back of my mind when I saw the catalogues.  The images inside are beautiful and perfect for making into dashboards, here is the one I've made for my personal Songbird.

Dashboard Front - Hazel Soan Dappled Light IV

Dashboard Reverse - Inam Into The Woods

The dashboards were quick and inexpensive to make with items I already had.  I trimmed the images, glued them back to back and then laminated and trimmed them.  I think they're not only useful but lovely to look at as well. 

Until next time