Friday, 31 January 2014

Songbird Divider

Yet Another Book Divider

I've finally made a start on updating and replacing some of the dividers in my Personal Songbird.  My first divider is for my book section.  The background paper that I've used is from my Paperstack book.  The text and images have come from various magazines and newspapers.

Book Divider Front Cover

Book Divider Reverse Cover

Yet again I would love to be able to say that my dividers are now complete but that simply isn't true.  I shall keep you updated as I create more.

Until next time

Filofax And Royalty

Picture Quizzes

To be completely honest with you I don't often know what inserts or dividers I'm going to make for my Filofax from one week to the next.  Sometimes of course I make inserts for other people.  On Sunday I met up with my son Jay before he flew out to Morocco for a holiday. One of our conversations was about the quizzes he holds for people with dementia at the day centre he works at.  The quizzes can get repetitive and also they don't have the benefit of any images.  I suggested to my son that I would try and make some quiz cards for him with photographs of the Royal Family as the quizzers love questions about Royalty.  I've only made three cards so far but I thought I would share them with you.

The Queen

Because the residents suffer with dementia they often need a few extra clues for the answers so I've added some to the back of the page.

The Queen - Questions

Princess Diana

Diana - Questions

Prince William

Prince William - Questions

At this moment in time my son does not have a Filofax so I will either buy him an inexpensive new one or give him my A5 identity to secure his quiz questions in.

Until next time


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Carrying My Organisers

A Bag For My Filofax

I so hate so see any of my possessions not being used so when I needed a bag to put my Filofax organisers into I looked around at what I already had.  I have a bag with blue flowers that has hardly been used since I bought it over ten years ago and realised it would be perfect for my needs.

Blue Flowered Bag

I only need to use the bag indoors for carrying my A5 Amazona and Identity up and downstairs.  I sometimes write in my Filofax at night in my bedroom and in the living room during the day.  Carrying them in my arms can become a balancing act and putting them in my bag makes it very heavy.

The bag is just the right size for storing my organisers in and also making them much easier to carry.

I also feel pleased that I've finally found a use for my bag.

Until next time 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Back To My Songbird

Lightening My Load

As you all know I love my Amazona but from today I'm going to start using my Songbird as well.  Of late I've found my Amazona has been getting rather heavy with everything I'm putting in it.  

My Amazona

To share the weight out I'm going to be using my Songbird Personal to take with me when I go out.  

Songbird Personal

I absolutely love the cover design on my Songbird and the musical note button.

How I will get on using two Filofax organisers I'm not sure but as always I shall keep you posted.  Now I'm using my Songbird again many of the inserts and dividers will need updating and I haven't even completed the ones in my Amazona yet.  Hopefully I shall make a start on updating my pages later today.  With any luck I will be able to give you a post soon,

Until next time

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Small Notes In My Filofax

Reusing Leftover Paper

Now that I'm using my A5 Amazona I really hate to tear section of pages when I'm writing a note for someone.  I feel the page then looks messy and I have an uncontrollable desire to throw the rest of the page away.  To resolve this dilemma I've started cutting up leftover paper and putting it in my Amazona ready for when I need to write a short note or memo.  The paper comes from many sources so will always have various designs.  

Cut Paper For Notes

Example Of Notes

When the paper has been cut I store then store it in my Amazona.  The wallet that I'm using I think was a gift from Steve at the Philofaxy Meetup at Vapiano last October. 

Wallet For Note Paper

Now I'm never short of paper for smaller notes and I'm recycling leftover paper in the process.

Until next time

Monday, 20 January 2014

Another Pocket For My Filofax

Coming Up Roses

Just a quick post to let you know that I'm still making progress with new inserts and dividers for my Amazona.  I know I have a nice pocket from when I used the Amazona for the Diet Project but I decided I needed a new one that was more personal. A pocket is always handy for putting notes written on scrap paper into and it's also excellent for securing my Tesco money off coupons.

New Pocket

As always it's very simple to make.  Approximately one and a half sheets of card.  I then used some Washi tape and added text and images snipped from various magazines.  Then I punched six holes so I could fit the pocket into my organiser.

I love it and I hope you've enjoyed seeing it!

Until next time

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Filofax & The Mind

The Memory Palace

I've often done various types of puzzles but my favourites for a long time have been logic ones.  These are the ones where you are given some information and you are then able to put ticks or crosses in a box revealing whether the information is helpful or not.  As the puzzle progresses you are then able to uncover more information.  Below is a puzzle that I have in my Filofax which I haven't yet started.

Completed  Puzzle

Lately I've wanted to do some puzzles that would stretch my mind even more but also in a different way. What I'm doing now are not really puzzles but they certainly help stretch my mind and memory.  I bought a book on Amazon a few years ago called How To Develop A Brilliant memory by memory champion Dominic O'Brien and found it to be amazing. When I first got it I was able to memorise the first fifteen elements of the periodic table, not the most exciting list but definitely a challenge.

Dominic O'Brien's Book

When I memorised the periodic table I had created a Memory Palace from the village I grew up in. Patrick Jane from the Mentalist and Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock are great advocates of the Memory Palace. I decided to use my Memory Palace to memorise some lyrics from a song, not any old but "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel.  These lyrics mention lots of names and locations.  I attached song lyrics to each location from my past and so far in one day memorised the first verse which names about 27 people or locations.  

"We Didn't Start The Fire Lyrics With Memory Palace Locations Underneath

Recently I looked at other memory skills online and again at Dominic's book.  I decided to try and memorise more lists which will come in very handy for shopping.  With my list I allocate each item a number and visualise each number as an image.  Each image is then linked in some way to my list item. For example number one is a candle and I imagined bacon wrapped around it.

List Memorising Guide 

I found the list memorising so simple I was able to do it in minutes.  I do still make shopping lists but the list is now numbered and memorised.

Shopping List

As I am keeping my "Memory Palace" details in my Filofax I had to make a divider for them.  I've given the divider the title thought because I'm trying to expand my thought process.

Thought Divider Cover

The reverse of the cover is just keys because the techniques I am using unlock the potential of my thoughts.

Thought Divider Reverse - Keys

My next challenge is a memory list of approximately fifty words, though daunting I am looking forward to it. I shall let you know how I get on.

Until next time

Friday, 17 January 2014

Book Bound

A Book & Kindle Divider

As I mentioned in my last post my next divider for my Amazona would be one for my books but to be honest it's not finished yet.  What I decided to do when I was half way through making the divider was to personalise the rear of the divider with links to my Kindle.  I read lots of traditional books but also lots of books on Kindle.  I often buy what is cheapest, I recently purchased the Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. The book was £18 to buy whereas on Kindle it was only £1.99.  So below is my book divider so far.

Hopefully by next week I will have completed the reverse of my divider and be able to do another post revealing the Kindle side.

Until next time

Friday, 10 January 2014

Another Divider For My Amazona

A Little Bit Of Drama

Back in July last year I created an insert for my Filofax so I could keep track of some TV programmes that were getting extremely complicated with characters and plots. Now that I'm using my Amazona all the time I decided I needed to make a divider especially for the synopsis of the programmes I was writing down. 

Drama Divider

I know there are two photos of Cillian Murphy but personally I can never have too many photos of him. It's also an excuse to sneak in David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tobias Menzies.

I will continue keep you updated as I make more inserts and dividers for my Amazona.  Next I hope to be making a divider for the  books that I'm reading or have finished reading.  This post should be with you quite soon.

Until next time

Thursday, 9 January 2014

2013 Filofax Review

The Expansion Of My Collection

Until the beginning of last year I hardly used my Filofax organisers at all, at that time my collection was also quite small.  However after I met up with the Philofaxy group in London in March all that changed.  Now I use my organiser every day and my collection has grown to eleven.  I also as you know now have a blog where I regularly post about my Filofax organisers. Below you can see how my collection started and the stage that I'm at now.

March 2013 I had two Filofax, one Pocket Breast Cancer 

and one Black Personal

My first major purchase was my Pink Personal Classic which cost me £29.59 on sale.

In April I also came across a Pink Personal Finsbury for £1 in a charity shop, I just couldn't resist.

In May I purchased a Personal Purple Filofax for £5, the elastic closure was loose so I added a button.

In June I purchased a Personal Cuban Zip, my only Filofax with a name, September.

In July I added a Back to School Organiser to my collection.

Also in July I purchased an A5 Purple Domino on sale at the Filofax store in Conduit Street before it closed.

In August I purchased a Personal Songbird on sale for just over £17.

I think it was at the end of September I received the lovely A5 Amazona for the Diet Project.

At the end of December I bought an A5 Leather Look Identity

What I love about all my Organisers is the fact that so many of them are different sizes, colours and materials.  I would like to say my collection is now complete but who knows what the future holds.

Until next time

Monday, 6 January 2014

Dieting With My Filofax

Post No. 5 For The Diet Project

If you don't subscribe to Janet's blog at This Bug's Life here's a link if you'd like to read the final post that I wrote for the The Diet Project. I was surprised in the end at how much weight I lost because in the beginning the weight refused to come off.

I hope you find the post interesting.

Until next time 

A Page Marker For My Filofax

Positive Thinking

As it's a New Year I'm trying to be more positive, no New Year resolutions but definitely more positive thoughts. Therefore with this aim in mind I've created a positive page marker for my organiser.  Here is the finished result.

Front Of Page Marker

Reverse Of Page Marker

The text is mainly clipped from Waitrose and John Lewis magazines.  The text was then glued onto paper from my Paperstack book.  I chose the seeds image with the hope that the words will be similar to seeds and take root. I then trimmed and rounded the corners before I laminated the finished page marker.  Finally I trimmed off the excess laminate and rounded the corners. 

I can't guarantee the words will make me feel more positive but I certainly felt positive when I made the page marker.

Until next time

My Filofax Week 42

My Week

Well here we are, the first My Week of this year.  Well there's a little bit of last year as well but it's mainly January.  What I will find difficult getting used will be the fact that my diary pages are no longer pink.  

I hope as always you found My Week interesting and also the rest of your week is a good one.

Until next time

Friday, 3 January 2014

A New Bag For My A5 Filofax Organisers

Cath Kidston Kentish Rose Weekender And My Amazona

I recently decided that as I was now using my A5 Amazona organiser on a daily basis I now had the perfect reason to purchase a new bag.  When you are carrying around an A5 Organiser you really need a sturdy bag.  as always though I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  After Christmas Cath Kidston had some lovely bags in their sale so I decided to have a look at what was on offer.  I soon realised that the Kentish Rose Weekender bag would perfect for carrying around a larger Filofax.  It's a very large bag which allows me not only to carry my Filofax but all my other bits and pieces as well.  Best of all I only had to pay £10 in cash for the bag.  The bag had been reduced from £60 to £40 in the sale.  I had a Cath Kidston gift card and some Christmas money which brought the £40 price down further to just £10.  

Cath Kidston Kentish Rose Weekender Bag

My Amazona And My New Bag

Inside My New Bag

There is plenty of room inside my Weekender for my A5 Filofax, my Kindle, my purse and my pencil case. Also there is plenty of space for extra bits and pieces as well.  Best of all I know the bag will be sturdy enough for carrying around my precious A5 Filofax Organiser, whichever one I'm using.

Until next time

My Filofax Week 41

My Week

I realise it's a little late but here's My Week.  On the whole I had a quite Christmas with not too much over indulgence.  I succumbed to some Dundee cake on Christmas day but not one chocolate has passed my lips unlike my son who has emptied the large box of Heroes all on his own.  I hope you find My Week interesting.

I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday and New Year. 

Until next time

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Identity Leather Look A5 Organiser

A Sales Bargain

After Christmas I was unable to resist a new Filofax Organiser in the sales.  I have to say Janet at This Bug's Life tempted me with her recent post on Stationary and Organizer Sales.  My new organiser is not made of leather but as it will only be used occasionally and for storage so that's not a problem. I purchased my new organiser an Identity Leather Look A5 from WH Smith in their sale.  The sale price was just under £30 and with my free 20% discount card that I previously obtained at the till the price went down further to just over £23.50.  

A5 Identity Sleeve - Box

My Identity Unboxed

Inside My New Identity

There are two lovely full length pockets plus seven credit card pockets.  The organiser comes with a lined notepad which is secured in a top pocket inside the back cover. 

My Week On Two Pages Diary With Appointment Times

I not only received a 2014 Week On Two Pages Diary but also a Week On Two Pages Diary With Appointment Times which retails at approximately £10.  I will be able to use the second diary in my A5 Amazona.

So now I'm not only setting up my Amazona but also my Identity as well.  I anticipate being quite busy in the next few weeks.

Finally before I go A Happy New Year to you all!

Until next time