Thursday, 9 January 2014

2013 Filofax Review

The Expansion Of My Collection

Until the beginning of last year I hardly used my Filofax organisers at all, at that time my collection was also quite small.  However after I met up with the Philofaxy group in London in March all that changed.  Now I use my organiser every day and my collection has grown to eleven.  I also as you know now have a blog where I regularly post about my Filofax organisers. Below you can see how my collection started and the stage that I'm at now.

March 2013 I had two Filofax, one Pocket Breast Cancer 

and one Black Personal

My first major purchase was my Pink Personal Classic which cost me £29.59 on sale.

In April I also came across a Pink Personal Finsbury for £1 in a charity shop, I just couldn't resist.

In May I purchased a Personal Purple Filofax for £5, the elastic closure was loose so I added a button.

In June I purchased a Personal Cuban Zip, my only Filofax with a name, September.

In July I added a Back to School Organiser to my collection.

Also in July I purchased an A5 Purple Domino on sale at the Filofax store in Conduit Street before it closed.

In August I purchased a Personal Songbird on sale for just over £17.

I think it was at the end of September I received the lovely A5 Amazona for the Diet Project.

At the end of December I bought an A5 Leather Look Identity

What I love about all my Organisers is the fact that so many of them are different sizes, colours and materials.  I would like to say my collection is now complete but who knows what the future holds.

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  1. They are lovely Paula! I am happy to know I was with you when you bought the Purple Domino in Conduit Street - glad we went there before they closed. My A5 Classic was inspired by seeing your one when we met. Are they all in use or do you switch around?

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I do try to use as many of my organisers as I can even if it's only temporarily for storage. As you know my Amazona is my favourite at the moment.