Monday, 6 January 2014

A Page Marker For My Filofax

Positive Thinking

As it's a New Year I'm trying to be more positive, no New Year resolutions but definitely more positive thoughts. Therefore with this aim in mind I've created a positive page marker for my organiser.  Here is the finished result.

Front Of Page Marker

Reverse Of Page Marker

The text is mainly clipped from Waitrose and John Lewis magazines.  The text was then glued onto paper from my Paperstack book.  I chose the seeds image with the hope that the words will be similar to seeds and take root. I then trimmed and rounded the corners before I laminated the finished page marker.  Finally I trimmed off the excess laminate and rounded the corners. 

I can't guarantee the words will make me feel more positive but I certainly felt positive when I made the page marker.

Until next time


  1. Great idea, Hetty! I love the seed imagery. Thanks you for sharing this :)

    1. Thanks! Really pleased that you like the seed imagery.