Thursday, 30 January 2014

Carrying My Organisers

A Bag For My Filofax

I so hate so see any of my possessions not being used so when I needed a bag to put my Filofax organisers into I looked around at what I already had.  I have a bag with blue flowers that has hardly been used since I bought it over ten years ago and realised it would be perfect for my needs.

Blue Flowered Bag

I only need to use the bag indoors for carrying my A5 Amazona and Identity up and downstairs.  I sometimes write in my Filofax at night in my bedroom and in the living room during the day.  Carrying them in my arms can become a balancing act and putting them in my bag makes it very heavy.

The bag is just the right size for storing my organisers in and also making them much easier to carry.

I also feel pleased that I've finally found a use for my bag.

Until next time 


  1. Wonderful idea, I like to use my bags and baskets whenever I can also.

  2. I do love that bag! Great idea. And yes, even though I only have 1 planner that I use all the can be quite cumbersome toting it around the house with all my other "stuff" (washi, scissors, etc).

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. It's such a pity it took me such a long time to find a good use for it.

  3. My house is so small that there is really only one place to use my planner. Too bad, because I've love a planner tote. :)