Friday, 31 January 2014

Filofax And Royalty

Picture Quizzes

To be completely honest with you I don't often know what inserts or dividers I'm going to make for my Filofax from one week to the next.  Sometimes of course I make inserts for other people.  On Sunday I met up with my son Jay before he flew out to Morocco for a holiday. One of our conversations was about the quizzes he holds for people with dementia at the day centre he works at.  The quizzes can get repetitive and also they don't have the benefit of any images.  I suggested to my son that I would try and make some quiz cards for him with photographs of the Royal Family as the quizzers love questions about Royalty.  I've only made three cards so far but I thought I would share them with you.

The Queen

Because the residents suffer with dementia they often need a few extra clues for the answers so I've added some to the back of the page.

The Queen - Questions

Princess Diana

Diana - Questions

Prince William

Prince William - Questions

At this moment in time my son does not have a Filofax so I will either buy him an inexpensive new one or give him my A5 identity to secure his quiz questions in.

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  1. That is very creative! I hope the people your son works with will enjoy the quiz. :)

    1. Apologies Marilyn for not getting back to you sooner. Thanks for your kind words.