Saturday, 18 January 2014

Filofax & The Mind

The Memory Palace

I've often done various types of puzzles but my favourites for a long time have been logic ones.  These are the ones where you are given some information and you are then able to put ticks or crosses in a box revealing whether the information is helpful or not.  As the puzzle progresses you are then able to uncover more information.  Below is a puzzle that I have in my Filofax which I haven't yet started.

Completed  Puzzle

Lately I've wanted to do some puzzles that would stretch my mind even more but also in a different way. What I'm doing now are not really puzzles but they certainly help stretch my mind and memory.  I bought a book on Amazon a few years ago called How To Develop A Brilliant memory by memory champion Dominic O'Brien and found it to be amazing. When I first got it I was able to memorise the first fifteen elements of the periodic table, not the most exciting list but definitely a challenge.

Dominic O'Brien's Book

When I memorised the periodic table I had created a Memory Palace from the village I grew up in. Patrick Jane from the Mentalist and Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock are great advocates of the Memory Palace. I decided to use my Memory Palace to memorise some lyrics from a song, not any old but "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel.  These lyrics mention lots of names and locations.  I attached song lyrics to each location from my past and so far in one day memorised the first verse which names about 27 people or locations.  

"We Didn't Start The Fire Lyrics With Memory Palace Locations Underneath

Recently I looked at other memory skills online and again at Dominic's book.  I decided to try and memorise more lists which will come in very handy for shopping.  With my list I allocate each item a number and visualise each number as an image.  Each image is then linked in some way to my list item. For example number one is a candle and I imagined bacon wrapped around it.

List Memorising Guide 

I found the list memorising so simple I was able to do it in minutes.  I do still make shopping lists but the list is now numbered and memorised.

Shopping List

As I am keeping my "Memory Palace" details in my Filofax I had to make a divider for them.  I've given the divider the title thought because I'm trying to expand my thought process.

Thought Divider Cover

The reverse of the cover is just keys because the techniques I am using unlock the potential of my thoughts.

Thought Divider Reverse - Keys

My next challenge is a memory list of approximately fifty words, though daunting I am looking forward to it. I shall let you know how I get on.

Until next time

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