Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spring Cleaning - Filofax Preperation

Spring Cleaning Divider

I haven't started to do much spring cleaning yet but I am getting prepared.  I have made this A5 divider which I hope will get me motivated.  

Spring Cleaning Divider Cover

As always images and text are from my Homemaker magazine. I used plain coloured paper for the background, a Pritt stick for adhering the images & text, I laminated to protect the page and then punched the six holes with my single hole punch.

Spring Cleaning Reverse of Divider

My next step will be to prepare a list of what needs spring cleaning, print it up and then place it in my Filofax.

Until next time

My Filofax Week 46

My Week

Slightly later than I would have wished but here is My Week.  Nothing really eventful occurred but then I always say that.  I did manage to go out for a few short walks and took a photo of some primroses which I thought I would share with you but first My Week.

My Week


I hope you've enjoyed seeing my week and I hope the rest of your week is a good one.

Until next time

Filofax Tip Number 2 - Philofaxy

Notepaper Near The Front Of Your Organiser

A recent Philofaxy tip of the day was about placing notepaper near the front of your organiser for quick notes.  Well the other day I cut up some paper, not lined or plain and placed it close to the front of my Songbird for just that purpose.  I cut up square paper from an A5 notebook I purchased in Sainsburys and this is the result.  

Songbird Notepaper

Not the most exciting section of my Songbird but a part that is always very useful.

Until next time 

Monday, 24 February 2014

A New Dashboard For My Back To School

And Also Some Mini Dividers

I seem to have an exceptional amount of sections in my Songbird that could live quite well in another Filofax. To reduce how stuffed my Songbird is becoming I have transferred some sections into my Personal Back to School organiser.  I could have transferred the sections to my Amazona but I wanted something lighter in case I wanted to take the organiser out with me.  Also as the rings in The Back to School are small I didn't wan't to fill it up with full sized dividers.  That said I suppose the smaller dividers are more of a headolgy point rather than space saving

Back To School Organiser

Front Of Dashboard

Dashboard Reverse

Puzzles, Memory & Logic Divider

This section is mainly for stretching my mind which I told you about in my blog post Filofax & The Mind.

Relaxation Divider

I got a little carried away when trimming the laminate so I put some Washi tape around the edge to make it more secure.

Gratitude Divider

This is mainly a section for small photographs which I take throughout the week.

Page Marker

This is the positive page marker I previously made for my Songbird.

If I add any more mini dividers to my Back to School Filofax I shall of course update you

Until next time

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A Bargain Organiser

Day-Timer Planner

When I was in town yesterday I couldn't resist going into the charity shops to look for a book that I wanted.  I didn't find the book but I did find this lovely planner for £2.50.  I've never had a Day-Timer planner before but for £2.50 I couldn't resist.

The planner isn't real leather but is exceptionally fine faux leather.

Day-Timer Cover

Day-Timer Inside Front And Back Covers

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

The Day-Timer came with a plain black dashboard but I'm sure I can make something that will be an improvement.


Day-Timer Page Marker

As you can see I've already begun to personalise paper to put inside the planner.


I haven't measured it but the Day-Timer is obviously a larger planner.  The planner also has seven large rings which is not a problem as I cut up so much of my own paper, I have a single hole punch so the extra ring (compared to a Filofax) is not a problem.  There are three credit card pockets which are more than adequate for my needs; I'm probably going to use the planner to hold study notes.  The planner also has two pen holders, a back pocket for a notepad, a small pocket and a full length one at the front and a zip on three sides. 

With this new planner I have plenty to keep me busy setting it up.  As always I shall keep you updated on my progress.

Until next time

Monday, 17 February 2014

My Filofax Week 45

My Week

Another week seems to have flown by and we are also halfway through February. A relatively quiet week but I did manage to get out yesterday and enjoy the sunshine.  The day was lovely and warm, a positive change after the wind, cold and rain we've had lately.  I went to Seaford in East Sussex which was full of people seeking out the sunshine and the ocean.

My Week

I decided again this week that I would include a couple of photos of my week to show something of  what I did.

My Songbird & A Coffee On The Sea Wall At Seaford

Seaford Beach

I hope as always you've enjoyed my week.  I also hope that your week is a good one.

Until next time

Friday, 14 February 2014

Personalising My Diary Pages

Recycling More Paper

My decision last week to personalise my diary pages was a last minute idea.  As I wrote in my post unfortunately I had a problem with the ink I was using, covering the damage up with paper was my solution.  I thought today I would show you the process I used to achieve the finished result.

Scrap Paper

I absolutely hate parting with my scrap paper because I never know when it will come in useful and also some of it is too pretty to throw away.

Trimming My Paper To Size

Punching Corners

To trim the corners I used my Woodware corner punch.

Trimmed And Punched Paper

Punches For Cutting Shapes

The Finished Result

As I said earlier when I first added the paper to my diary pages it was to cover up mistakes but now I think I might do it more often.  I miss my pink diary pages which added colour to my Filofax but I can't afford to buy any extras for my Filofax right now.  My solution to add more colour might be to regularly cover the diary pages with my scrap paper, I shall have to give it some thought.

Until next time

Photographs In My Filofax

Photos In My Amazona

I have a number of photos that I've meant to do something with but never quite gotten around to actually doing anything with them.  As I wrote in a previous post I was hoping to start putting photos in to my Amzona and I'm pleased to say I've actually made a start.  Many of the photos were printed up for other projects but never got used. Some are full size prints such as The Woods In Winter but others were nine small images printed onto one full size print.

The Woods In Winter

Salisbury And The Cathedral

The Park & Derbyshire

Jay & Kit When They Were Small - A Work In Progress

The next photos I'm hoping to add are some that I took in London when I met up with Jay before he went to Morocco.  Whatever images I add I shall keep you updated.

Until next time 

Monday, 10 February 2014

A New Dashboard

The Rocky Mountains

I'm in no way bored with my Cillian Murphy dashboard; I just felt I wanted a change. Cillian has now been tucked away inside my Pink Personal Classic until his services are once again required so to speak.  For a complete change I've gone with some winter images in the Rocky Mountains, some are in Canada but some are probably from the USA.  The images were snipped from a travel guide which I purchased in a charity shop for about £1.  The text comes from my usual sources, Homemaker and Waitrose magazines.

The Rocky Mountains - Front Of Dashboard

Dashboard With Notes

Dashboard Reverse

There is very little chance of it happening but if I could have one travel wish it would be to travel across Canada by train.

My inserts and dividers are now almost complete, I shall let you know soon about the next project I am about to undertake.

Until next time

Sunday, 9 February 2014

My Filofax Week 44

My Week

Here we are again; another week has come and gone.  Firstly I should say I had a problem with the ink that I used on some of my diary posts and had to cover them with the paper you can now see.  Hopefully I will be back to normal next week. Along with My Week I've also included a couple of photos which I took yesterday in Brighton. The weather was pretty terrible with wind, rain and hail but that didn't prevent some swimmers going into the water.  If you look closely at the photos which I took from Brighton Pier you should be able to see the swimmers. Enough about Brighton, here's My Week.

My Week

Brighton Beach From The Pier

The Sea Beside Brighton Pier

I've also included some extra photos because I'm going to be putting some small photos into one of my A5 organisers on a weekly basis.  Hopefully I will be able to do a post shortly when I've started this project.

Until next time

Friday, 7 February 2014

Diary Divider

Songbird Divider For My Diary

As with so many dividers recently when I make them up I tend to use whatever paper and images I have available.  Some of the paper I've had so long that I can't remember where I've purchased it from.  That said I think the backing paper I used for my diary divider came from The Works.  The images of the dog and the flower boxes both came from a recent magazine purchase called Seasons.  The diary text across the images also came from the Seasons magazine.  The text on the edge of the divider (diary) was printed with my own printer.

Diary Divider Front Cover

The image of the dog and the flower boxes doesn't really hold any significance, I just thought the images looked nice.

Diary Divider Reverse Cover

Well that's yet another divider completed, I hope you've enjoyed seeing it.

Until next time

Paper For My Songbird

Cutting, Trimming And Punching Paper

Recently the paper in my Songbird has been getting a little low so as always I thought it was time to cut up some paper I already had and make some more writing paper.  When I first started this blog I had lots of notebooks which I used for just this purpose but over the past year the paper supply has reduced dramatically.  I have bought an A4 Silvine pad with 5mm squares and though not as thick as my notebook paper I still don't get any ink bleed through.

Silvine Paper

Asda Square Notebook Paper

Asda Plain Notebook Paper

I've been using my fountain pen quite a lot in my Songbird but forgot to make some blotting paper pages up. I rectified this by making two pages, one with birds Washi tape around the edge and one with music Washi tape around the edge. Back in October I discussed with you in slightly more detail how I made up my blotting paper from an artist,s sketch book.

Birds Blotting Paper

Music Blotting Paper

As always I trimmed the paper with my Fiskars paper cutter and then used my single hole punch to make the holes for inserting into my organiser.

My Songbird dividers and inserts are still not complete but almost. Hopefully they will all be complete in the next couple of weeks.

Until next time

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Songbird Page Marker

Positive Page Marker

Unfortunately my pagemarker from A5 Amazona doesn't fit my Songbird Personal so I've had to make a new one.  As with my Amazona page marker I've tried to use positive text that will hopefully make me feel more positive.  For the front of my page marker I've used left over paper from a previous project.  Text as always courtesy of Waitrose, Homemaker and also another magazine called Seasons.  Finally to finish the page marker was laminated.

Front Of Page Marker

Reverse Of Page Marker

I hope you like my positive page marker and I shall post again soon with my next divider project.

Until next time

Monday, 3 February 2014

Roses In December - Individual Divider

Blog Divider

I know I only posted this afternoon about my Notes divider but it was virtually complete last night. Therefore I was able to complete my Blog divider this afternoon.  This time the background paper came free with a magazine I bought nearly two years ago.  Text and photos are again courtesy of Waitrose and Homemaker magazines.  Finally to complete the divider I laminated it.

Blog Divider Front Cover

I decided to keep the front cover simple, just the roses and one line of text.

Blog Divider Reverse Cover

The reverse cover as you can see is a lot 'busier' but is virtually all text.  I decided to add 'Me + You because the blog can often be as much about me as you.

I wasn't expecting to complete my blog post divider quite as quickly but here it is.  I hope you like it.

Until next time