Monday, 24 February 2014

A New Dashboard For My Back To School

And Also Some Mini Dividers

I seem to have an exceptional amount of sections in my Songbird that could live quite well in another Filofax. To reduce how stuffed my Songbird is becoming I have transferred some sections into my Personal Back to School organiser.  I could have transferred the sections to my Amazona but I wanted something lighter in case I wanted to take the organiser out with me.  Also as the rings in The Back to School are small I didn't wan't to fill it up with full sized dividers.  That said I suppose the smaller dividers are more of a headolgy point rather than space saving

Back To School Organiser

Front Of Dashboard

Dashboard Reverse

Puzzles, Memory & Logic Divider

This section is mainly for stretching my mind which I told you about in my blog post Filofax & The Mind.

Relaxation Divider

I got a little carried away when trimming the laminate so I put some Washi tape around the edge to make it more secure.

Gratitude Divider

This is mainly a section for small photographs which I take throughout the week.

Page Marker

This is the positive page marker I previously made for my Songbird.

If I add any more mini dividers to my Back to School Filofax I shall of course update you

Until next time

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  1. Wishing you a happy year. The filo looks really good, especially love the tab papers.