Friday, 7 February 2014

Diary Divider

Songbird Divider For My Diary

As with so many dividers recently when I make them up I tend to use whatever paper and images I have available.  Some of the paper I've had so long that I can't remember where I've purchased it from.  That said I think the backing paper I used for my diary divider came from The Works.  The images of the dog and the flower boxes both came from a recent magazine purchase called Seasons.  The diary text across the images also came from the Seasons magazine.  The text on the edge of the divider (diary) was printed with my own printer.

Diary Divider Front Cover

The image of the dog and the flower boxes doesn't really hold any significance, I just thought the images looked nice.

Diary Divider Reverse Cover

Well that's yet another divider completed, I hope you've enjoyed seeing it.

Until next time

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  1. Love the images. I like to have a go at making my own dividers, more fun than buying ready made.