Friday, 14 February 2014

Personalising My Diary Pages

Recycling More Paper

My decision last week to personalise my diary pages was a last minute idea.  As I wrote in my post unfortunately I had a problem with the ink I was using, covering the damage up with paper was my solution.  I thought today I would show you the process I used to achieve the finished result.

Scrap Paper

I absolutely hate parting with my scrap paper because I never know when it will come in useful and also some of it is too pretty to throw away.

Trimming My Paper To Size

Punching Corners

To trim the corners I used my Woodware corner punch.

Trimmed And Punched Paper

Punches For Cutting Shapes

The Finished Result

As I said earlier when I first added the paper to my diary pages it was to cover up mistakes but now I think I might do it more often.  I miss my pink diary pages which added colour to my Filofax but I can't afford to buy any extras for my Filofax right now.  My solution to add more colour might be to regularly cover the diary pages with my scrap paper, I shall have to give it some thought.

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  1. Good idea to use up scraps of paper, and in combination with washi and stickers would add more colour and pizazz to a page. Does it add a lot more width to the binder? And what glue do you use?

    1. Thanks Angel Jem for your kind words, apologies for not thanking you sooner. It does add more width to my binder but I don't do it every week plus I file pages away after a couple of months. The glue is just a Pritt stick

  2. This is a great idea and I won't have to buy washi tape!

    1. Thanks Tita Mama, apologies for net getting back to you sooner.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks projectkate51, I'm glad you like it. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

  4. So pretty! Thank you, I will most definitely be saving up pretty scraps of paper from no onwards!


    1. Thanks Shaha (DiaryGirl), glad you like it. Apologies for not thanking you sooner.